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Announcement [UK]: TAKE BACK PARLIAMENT! protest @ Trafalgar Sq., 2pm, 8th May

The following is an extract from, that is calling for a protest at Trafalgar Square this saturday at 2pm against a non-representative 'hung' parliament that has resulted with G.E.UK 2010.

Who are we?

With a nod to history this is a purple-coloured movement. Purple is the historic colour of democracy and the franchise in this country - the colour used by suffragettes in their campaign for the vote.

The purple index finger in our logo is a symbol of the movement. The simple act of holding up a purple index finger (using ink, marker etc) is an immediate action that people do to show that although they voted, this Parliament doesn't represent them and that they demand a new system. Upload your photo now: here

We're also urging those who support us to show their participation by wearing purple-- a tie to work, use purple on Facebook and Twitter.

We are demanding a fair voting system so that we have a Parliament which properly represents the British people.

One hundred years on, in the wake of a shamefully biased election result, we must join together in a new fight for democracy and political equality.

Why are we doing this?

Our "winner takes all" system of First-Past-The-Post is bust beyond repair.

It produces unfair and undemocratic results, like the one we've just seen, which don't reflect the wishes of the British people.

It empowers a few thousand voters in "marginal" seats who decide elections, while those in "safe" seats, where the MP has a large majority, are ignored.

And it hands huge power to the ruling party based on a tiny proportion of the vote.

It is time for the UK to move to a proportional system that ties a party's share of seats to its share of votes across the country. This is the fairest system. It would ensure everyone's vote counts; it would offer voters more choice and it would produce a government and Parliament that represents the British people.

But any change in our voting system must be led by the people, not politicians. We are calling for a Citizens Convention to be convened to decide on a new voting system to be put to the people in a referendum.


  1. Wow! I hope that the inertia of apathy can be overcome!

  2. .
    Not with this alone i'm afraid. But, most certainly, it's part of the solution Nik.


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