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In sum, Gatecrash Water Festival - Nazi Scum wall of shame

The fascist 'Gatecrash Water Festival' Facebook site, publicised with a write-up and site-images by Nazi Temasek Review under 'headlines', further publicised by TOC under 'main stories', and colluded with by all other 'oppositional' parties via their silence-cum-'singapore for singaporeans' rhetoric, reads,

"Dear Singapore Citizens,

Bukit Batok Grassroots Organisation (GRO) is organising a Water Festival specially to welcome the New Year in Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos.

The funds used to host the event are likely to come from the mega $10-million dollar Community Integration Fund unveiled by the Ministry of Community, Youth and Sports (MCYS) last year to make the foreigners feel accepted and happy in Singapore.

I hope that those who are not supportive of the government wasting taxpayers' money on foreigners to turn up in BLACK on that day.

Please help forward this invite and encourage your friends and family to attend this event.

Thank you."

A2ED initiated a counter movement - Support Water Festival - which was publicised under 'letters' with no accompanying write-up, site-images, etc. TOC didn't respond to the email regarding this initiative. Our standpoint,

"Dear Singaporeans,

Bukit Batok Grassroots Organisation is organising a Water Festival specially to welcome the New Year in Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos.

The funds used to host the event are certainly derived in significant part from the amount of profit accrued from the exploitation of foreign and local labour. In this, we are one.

We are pro-integration and do not view the majority of existing singaporeans as having a monopoly over culture, economics, etc. If we have a problem, we ought to take it up with the government and not vilify new foreigners or view their cultural practices as an intrusion.

I hope those whom are not supportive of the Nazi Scum comprising the 'Gatecrash Water Festival' will join this site in support of egalitarian multiculturalism, appreciate that the distinction between 'foreigners' and 'locals' is illusory, and that most of 'us and them' share the same plight in the face of the elite.

Those whom are in support of this anti-fascist initiative, please turn up for the event with a sign of any sort welcoming the new foreigners and/or join in the festivities - or at the very least, join the facebook site to show your support.

No violence please."

Well, just for the record, the following 'Nazi Scum Wall of Shame' is included in this observation. Those signing up with the GWF site may have various reasons for doing so. But whatever their reasons, it serves to validate the perspective that fronts their site. A2ED stands in firm opposition to this and the all too pervasive mindset founding it.


Anti-Fascist Members of the 'Support Water Festival' Initiative

Thanks to my dear old friend, Yeo Hong Ho, aka, 'lobsang Sanggye', for publicising this initiative amongst his circle.

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