Anti-Fascist Initiative - Support (Bukit Batok) Water Festival!

Support Water Festival

Dear Singaporeans,

Bukit Batok Grassroots Organisation is organising a Water Festival specially to welcome the New Year in Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos.

The funds used to host the event are certainly derived in significant part from the amount of profit accrued from the exploitation of foreign and local labour. In this, we are one.

We are pro-integration and do not view the majority of existing singaporeans as having a monopoly over culture, economics, etc. If we have a problem, we ought to take it up with the government and not vilify new foreigners or view their cultural practices as an intrusion.

I hope those whom are not supportive of the Nazi Scum comprising the 'Gatecrash Water Festival' will join this site in support of egalitarian multiculturalism, appreciate that the distinction between 'foreigners' and 'locals' is illusory, and that most of 'us and them' share the same plight in the face of the elite.

Those whom are in support of this anti-fascist initiative, please turn up for the event with a placard or sign of any sort welcoming the new foreigners and join in the festivities.

No violence please.

note: This initiative is in response to the fascist, 'Gatecrash Water Festival'.



  1. Yes! when our ancestors were immigrants and we the offsprings, downloading our respective cultures. I don't see why we simply can't accept other cultures, livening up this dull infertile island.

  2. Very good choices of your musical videos. Good taste mate! Happy Blessed Easter to you all.


  3. I'm definitely onside in your anti-fascism campaign.

  4. If I may so, ed, and this is going to sound cliched, I really think that you are tarring all who will resolutely not vote for the PAP with one brush.

    The Opposition is far from being a monolith.

    But first, what does The Opposition mean? The parties? Or their supporters?

    It is becoming increasingly evident, and i say this a political science major, that there is an ideological split with what you term The Opposition and its along the classic lines of right wing and left; it was bound to happen after any kind of political opening up such as with is happening online.

    While there isa discernible leftward shift in the entire country, including the by PAP themselves, there are at least two political parties - the WP and the SPP - that are decidedly right wing parties. (RP, while claiming to be liberal, seems to be wavering in the centre-left to centre-right band; time will tell.)

    The SDP is very firmly situated on the left.

    Correspondingly, opposition supporters with the ideological leanings of the parties that they are supporting are coalescing around the parties whose ideological leanings they identify.

    Okay, so I wrote all that so that we can establish some kind of context.

    Thre are definitely the strongly racist and fascist elements in within the right wing supporters in the opposition camp; that happens to be consistent globally and it is happening now in Singapore.

    This is not to say that the left consists of pure and virginal non-racists. However, there is a huge difference between making a racist/xenophobic slip of tongue, and the wilful racism/xenophobia that you see by the right wing in The Opposition. The former can be appealed to with reason while the latter is obstinate in its stand.

    I thought I would say that to contribute to your own futher development as a writer because you do make many astute observations.

  5. Of course you may say so Robox,

    Cliches are fine so long as they are pertinent. I don't think a 'cliche' is a problem just because it is a 'cliche'. After all, much of human civilisation is a cliche, and hence, render cliches relevant;)

    My allegations with regards to the nature of the Singaporean 'opposition' is based on overwhelming evidence, and which I have elucidated upon in more than a few observations. The inverse is true in the case of the UK - with which i've had personal experience with, and spent some years studying at street and academic levels.

    The ideological split you speak of is true enough. Yes, there is a classic left-right split between the government and the opposition, and within the opposition itself.

    However, as I've written in a few articles in the past, when one speaks of left and right, one has to consider the left and right location of the fulcrum. It is that which reveals the true nature of the left and right.

    When one looks at the xenophobia, racism, aversion to difference, monoculturalism, pro-chinese policies, oversights on the part of the 'new media' - oversights when it comes to issues which would cause a public furore in the UK for instance - it becomes obvious where the 'fulcrum', or centre, is located in Singapore, and which indicates the true nature of the left and right, and the 'opposition' themselves.

    Of course, when we look at economics, the opposition might be left-leaning. However, when we consider the above points, that's when we can begin to understand how the 'opposition' is left-leaning in economics whilst bring ultra-right 'racially'.

    As for the SDP, amongst others, such parties are obviously fascist democrats. In other words, the above perspective would apply given their glaring oversights - which, again, would not be the case in the UK, and which is why i take it as a great privilege to be able to vote in the coming UK elections as i have a choice between fascist and non-fascist parties.

    Haven't you ever wondered why just about all that this site, in addition to that written about in previous incarnations of a2ed, has not been spoken about by the 'oppositional' elements, or taken up thereafter? In that sense, a2ed is unique, but in the UK, a2ed would be one amongst a multitude.

    The thing about education, be it in political science, political philosophy, etc, is that it has to be complemented by assiduous observations of other political climes. That is when we might be able to appreciate the varying distinctions between, say, left and right, democracy, racism, etc. Being socialised within any nation would inevitably render us oblivious to that which might be brow-raising in others. It is when we do this that we are able to free our theoretical knowledge from local paradigmatic constraints.

    Personally, i have interacted with Chee close to a decade ago, and 'being amenable to novel ideas' is certainly not a description I would apply to him or the then president and vice president of the SDP youth - though I think Chee is a very personable fellow indeed.

    Secondly, if the opposition are so amenable to critique and novel ideas, and aren't ultra-right in stance in significant arenas, then why the absence of comments; efforts to discuss the ideas put forth by this site; the ostracising of a2ed by both TOC and TR; paltry efforts to focus on issues that do not affect the Chinese; failure to take on the rampant xenophobia and racism-via-oversights amongst oppositional elements? I can cite numerous examples, but I'll leave it there for now.

    Your good intentions, however, are appreciated Robox, and which is certainly observable in your other comments across the net. And i hope that the above, amongst others, would contribute further to your development as a democrat.

  6. .
    postscript: I hope you'll forgive my candor, but it is also telling that your comment says nothing about the Anti-fascist initiative, nor the fascist 'Gatecrash Water Festival' event. Hence, as is quite typical amongst oppositional elements, your comment can be deemed defensive as opposed to progressive. Oppositional elements in singapore must really drop this Confucian 'opposition' or 'our party can do no wrong' stance.

    In this example, amongst numerous across the local oppositional political sphere, one can say that they do not need help in tarring themselves as fascists as they are doing an admirable job themselves.


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