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Lesbian, Homosexual, Bisexual, Heterosexual...makes little sense these days

Mathia Lee: “I’m intrigued by the difference between the proportions of people identifying as straight/homosexual/bisexual, versus the proportions of people with same gender encounters.

Again, I’ll like to seek your, the readers’, opinions on this.

What i’m specifically curious & hoping you’ll share with us all (anonymously) is this:

How did YOU decide which sexual orientation to identify/label yourself with? Am really curious to hear personal experiences & personal decision-making thought processes, rather than theories……..

Straight & LGBT etc all invited & most welcomed to share!” source

I realised, a couple of years ago, that I couldn't classify myself under any of the aforementioned categories as that would reduce me to little more than one having a preference for particular genitalia, whilst diminishing the potential of wo/man to be defined by more than their nether regions. I recognised that as 'racism' in the sexual sense. 'Woman', 'Man’...means more than the possession of a clitoris or an elongated version of it.

For instance, if i was to be attracted to a woman, but she scores high on masculine traits as opposed to feminine ones, wouldn't it make me a homosexual in persona? And as for myself, having scored a 107 in feminine traits and 105 on masculine ones in a test taken in England a decade ago, wouldn't that make me ‘transgender’, if not transexual? Also, looking at present-day Confucianised singapore, where men seem more like women and women more like men, wouldn't that render many men heterosexual by virtue of their playing the role of the 'weaker' sex in the face of a belligerent woMan?

It is factors such as these that render such classifications quite meaningless, unless one is taking on board the mere fact that it requires a female and male of the species to reproduce their mistakes into the next generation. But then again, such classifications can be meaningful only if we are reduced by the perspectives imposed by such classifications to be less than we could actually be.

If I was to classify myself under any category, i would classify myself a 'Lesbian', in that, despite my being a male by my possession of an obtrusive clitoris, I am attracted to those whom are high in empathy and relationship, as opposed to 'activity', focused. And given that I too embody such tendencies, which have been traditionally classified as 'feminine', I would say that my pairing with such a woman, if i ever come across one, would make us Lesbians in persona, if not in genitalia.



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