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Jack Neo’s Sex Scandal - Fools Rush In

These confucians are really pathetic.

As I’ve said before, fetishising tradition, conformism, uniformism, compromises one’s eye for detail and amplifies the tendency toward prominence-worship, bigotry, and being appealed to by the sensational and well-publicised.

Jack Neo’s sex scandal has ‘gripped the entire nation’? Entire nation of what ought to be the question. Jack Neo, after all, is just an actor, and a pretty rubbish one at that - it is not surprising that someone like Jack Neo can rise to fame as an actor in a Confucian state that is quite devoid of passion and vibrancy and hence produces the kind of minds that does not deem Jack Neo, Gurmit Singh, amongst others, as ‘great actors’...they’ll be lucky to get a job as waterboys on a movie set in south India or Japan - so I don’t see why his sexploits ought to be an issue. Now if it was the Pope, with his vow of celibacy, that might be an issue worth considering. All this fuss over Jack Neo engaging in the humpty-dumpty with a bevy of women is quite unwarranted, but most certainly indicative of the degree to which mere prominence seems to be enough to overvalue anything emerging from a celebrity, be it a fart or an extra-marital ejaculation.

As i’ve said quite a few times in the past regarding contemporary Singapore, ‘I live under the tyranny of mass stupidity’.

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  1. Yes, I can't just understand this farce over Jack Neo and his wife and concubines as dramatist clowns. This is a big joke with the idiotic singapore confucianist as their followers. Plain childish and stupid.
    It'll be better he and his wife commits sucide.
    Two less boggeling confucianist kiddy minds!
    Good grief!

  2. I wouldn't blame Jack or his wife and have ye ole hemlock at the ready for their consumption. It is the masses in whom lie the fault. Critical introspection and appreciating other views from non-Confucian climes would be recommended - as opposed to said hemlock.


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