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Irate netizen calls on Singaporeans to gatecrash “Water Festival” with TR's support

Irate netizen calls on Singaporeans to gatecrash “Water Festival” organized by Bukit Batok grassroots organizations

Written by Our Correspondent

An irate netizen by the name of Aurora Long has called on Singaporeans to gatecrash the “Water Festival” organized by Bukit Batok grassroots organizations to welcome the New Year for the Thai, Burmese, Laotian and Cambodians living in Singapore:

After the event was publicized on our site, many netizens expressed their dismay and disappointment at grassroots organizations using public monies for doing so.

While they do not object to foreigners celebrating their cultural festivals in Singapore, many wonder why we have to foot the bill for organizing them.

One commentator wrote in disgust:

“When we go to the United States, do we expect its government to organize CNY or Hari Raya for us?”

Due to the PAP’s liberal immigration and pro-foreigner policies, foreigners now make up 36 percent of Singapore’s population, up from 14 percent in1990. Of the remaining 64 percent who are citizens, an increasing number are born overseas.

As too many foreigners were allowed into Singapore within too short a period of time, the PAP is now having serious trouble integrating most, if not all of them.

To tackle the problem, it has unveiled a mega $10 million Community Integration Fund funded by taxpayers to organize events, seminars and language classes to make the immigrants feel welcomed in Singapore.

The exact cost for organizing the “Water Festival” was not revealed, but it is likely to come from the Community Integration Fund.

Ms Long hopes that those who are not supportive of the government wasting taxpayers’ money on foreigners to turn up in BLACK on that day.

[Source: Aurora Long's Facebook]


The Temasek Review is only reporting the event and does not endorse or support it. source

Whilst TR might claim to be ‘only reporting the event’ and ‘does not endorse or support it’, that claim is not borne out by the supportive arguments supplied after the report. They supply a quote made by a commentator that basically argues for cultural introversion on the part of the nationals of a country, and then go on to speak about the context that finds dissatisfaction amongst the xenophobes and racists populating singapore. And the final statement,

“Ms Long hopes that those who are not supportive of the government wasting taxpayers’ money on foreigners to turn up in BLACK on that day.”

is put forward as if TR is making it themselves with especial emphasis on the proper ‘BLACK’ - in capitals letters - colour to be worn by those whom aim to ‘gatecrash’ the event.

This is immediately followed by a link to the ‘Facebook’ site supporting this fascist initiative.

When one takes into account the numerous efforts by TR to vilify foreigners; their remaining silent on the fact that the ‘native-born’ Chinese and Indians are themselves of foreign ancestry; have nothing to say about how the influx of ‘foreigners’ and its affecting the interests of ‘native-born’ Chinese is not dissimilar to what the non-Chinese have had to contend with in the face of the ‘native-born’ Chinese; the ‘Editor’s note’ at the end can be seen as nothing short of an insult to one’s intelligence. In determining the meaning of what is being said, we have to look at what is not being said. It is the latter, that adds the perspectival slant to the former.

These fascist bastards running TR, along with most of the commentators, and the perspective of just about all bloggers’ perspective on this issue, just about reveals the real nature of the singaporeans of today - and which is why i personally deem the term, ‘singaporean’ as nothing short of an insult today.

a2ed's comment on the site:

Well, we cannot expect anything less can we. The opposition, TOC, TR, and even most bloggers have become a mutually supportive fascist and racist organism. Not surprising since the whole lot of them have been racists for quite a while as evidenced by their apathy in the face of the PAP’s pro-chinese policies and the opposition’s silence, at most times, when it comes to the interests of the non-chinese.

The singapore chinese are extremely well-practiced in the art of self-absorption, racism, etc, to the point that it is to be expected that we get the likes of Aurora spouting such rubbish. She is, after all, just one example of the xenophobics and racists whom form the majority of ‘netizens’. When one thinks about it, there are no variants of ‘democrats’ in singapore, only ‘fascists’. Products of the PAP, all of you.



  1. Thanks for highlighting the event and the call to turn up in black as a sign of protest. I did not know about it earlier, but will now turn up in black, for sure.


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