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in comment, Pink Dot 2010: Homo Sapiens or simply Homos?

'Freedom to love'?

A thousand turned up for the event in Hong Lim Park in 2009; 70 for the Abolish ISA event; and 40 for the 'Vui Kong we care' event'.

Even if all 70 in the second, and all 40 in the third were homosexuals, the question that begs to be asked is, where were the remaining 930 for the second, and 960 for the third.

That leads one to believe that's 'freedom to love' basically refers to the freedom to 'go down' on one's same sex neighbour. Wouldn't that be a mockery of love and the freedom to do so outside of the boundaries of self-interest? I'd opt for the freedom to love another despite my not being able to sweat it out with said other between the sheets.

Where one puts one's homosexuality above humanity, that is when one descends to being nothing but a good-for-nothing-else-homo. The same would apply to, for instance, heterosexuals who can think of nothing other than 'the next shag' with a member of the opposite sex - i know a few of those cretins myself. I have no problem with homosexuals or heterosexuals, but either would certainly deserve a derogatory 'goddamn homo' or 'goddamn hetero' if they do not extend their 'freedom to love' outside of the boudoir to others in need despite not being sexually attractive.

Given the obvious self-absorption by the homosexual community, as evidenced by the numbers mentioned above, all I can say is,

..make up your minds. Are you homo sapiens or just homos?


article/image source: Barnyard Chorus

Above statement placed as comment at aforementioned site


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