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in comment, on Gopalan Nair’s ‘Lee suffers massive heart attack’ hoax

"And even if he did not have the heart attack yesterday and is not housed in the Intensive Care Cardiac Unit of Singapore General Hospital at present, if in fact that had happened, which I am sure is likely to happen this week or next, given his being a tottering old man of 87 years of age, all that I said is going to happen very soon.

Noone can live forever.

Those with money will begin transferring it abroad, there will be a run on the banks, his corrupt friends at the top will be leaving with their money and their lives, there will be demonstrations at the junctions of Geylang Road and Mountbatten Road and Orchard Road and Patterson Road. There will be mayhem. And it will happen soon.

My advice to those in Singapore with their cerebrums intact is this, if you can stand and protest the system, do it for your own good. Bring about a new Singapore. One that does not rely completely on an 87 year old tin pot." source

You overestimate Confucian societies Gopalan.

You forget that under Stalin's rule, when he dropped off the twig, millions cried despite his being responsible for millions of deaths. People tend to make sense of reality within the perspectival auspices of their leaders, and especially when they've had as long a run as Lee, and have their personalities reduced to the point that they can confuse economic affluence as reason enough to laud themselves as a great civilisation.

There are no true democrats in singapore, only fascists whom seek greater advantages for the previously advantaged. This bespeaks gross self-absorption and not much can be expected of such a people.

One ought to complement their attention to the blogging world with an on-the-street interaction with singapore's 'heartlanders', such as I have. You'll see another picture if you do.

One of the final goals of Confucianism is harmony after a people have internalised the morality of the rulers. Ask yourself if that has not already happened in singapore by what is said and felt by people and what is not.

As for this hoax you put out, I don't see anything significant has been achieved. You have just proved what people already know. At the end of the day, most of the prominent on the oppositional side of things have as much insight as that of a gnat. They serve the same function as Kings and Queens in that the masses invest in them that which they hope to be as opposed to said Kings and Queens serving the function of directing their attention to that which they are unawares. You people simply validate the masses for what they are, and in the hallowed glow of your prominence, spouting what the masses think, they are gratified. Speak on that which does not pander to their self-absorbed interests, and then you'll know their true nature.

You're a confucian mate, for not realising these things.



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