in comment, on the disabling of the audio track in Youtube’s, ‘Hippies Documentary Pt. 1’

IP is theft. Every production is a product of the consciousness of the masses. I understand that we live in a capitalist milieu, but that cannot whitewash the truth. Given the status quo, the most i can support is that every song should be in the public domain after the recovery of the material cost of production and a sum earned by both enough to maintain the cost of sustenance and production.


Freedom of information? Fuck you!! Currently researching the emergence of the counterculture for a university assignment and this is what I get?

I can't believe this shit, sure there is a copyright infringement, but I think information like this should transcend such limitations. Not everything has a dollar amount you repressive fucks.

I call this kleptocractic corporatism and I am not impressed


If you think about it, IP and ‘copyright’ is the bourgeoisie’s ‘counterculture’ in the face of the ‘Hippie’ communalist ethos. So this example ought to encourage you to broaden the scope and definition of your research on 'counterculture'.