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in comment, "Chee Soon Juan: We must believe"

Always listen to what's said, and what's consistently not said. Whilst in the UK people appreciate issues regarding 'the standard of living' along with how male chauvinism, class, racism, disability, age, amongst others, have to be considered so that people are not trained to feel and think that everything's ok when the 'majority' are well-fed, that is not the case here.

I have to wonder what's absent from Chee's 'beliefs'. Perhaps we ought to import some 'FTs' from the United Kingdom to replace Chee and other's of his ilk in Singapore.

The populist style politics of the 'opposition' in singapore leaves much to be desired. What populism amounts to is simply an effort to pander to the privileged of the past in pursuit of the perpetuation of said privilege.

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