Considering Gopalan Nair's Hoax

Those whom are upset over Gopalan’s hoax posting on Lee Kuan Yew’s ‘heart attack’ ought to first restrain their angst and ask if he has raised a valid point in forwarding the hoax and if this point deserves the medium of transmission.

“My last post in this blog, Saturday, March 6, 2010 "Singapore strongman 87 year old Lee Kuan Yew suffers massive heart attack", was a hoax. But the hoax was deliberately written by me. It was a deliberate attempt to highlight how tenuous Singapore really is, with all power in the island vested in one man, and the dire consequences to the island of his parting.”

This is quite illogical. He has complemented a hoax with an assumed scenario and goes on to claim that the hoax proves the latter when nothing happened at all.

“I have received no less than 40 comments to it, with so many readers really bowled over as to what will happen.”

Many readers wondering ‘what will happen’ is no basis for claiming that anything will happen. One must remember that many, some of whom i’ve personally encountered, like to think that hell will freeze over and the pope will start reproducing like a hermaphrodite amphibian upon Lee dropping off the twig. This, if anything, only serves to add to the myth behind the man, Lee, and that his passing will see the hammer of Thor wrecking the earth with bolts of thunder whilst the land is plagued by locusts in biblical proportions. I’m sure Lee will be gratified to witness a portion of reactions in the nether regions of the political milieu before his passing.

“Is it not stupid that a mere blog like mine, which is not a major newspaper and not a news source of any major importance can be taken so seriously and cause such worry and uncertainly. I must say the overwhelming reaction to my humble blog about the Dear Leader is gratifying.”

No it’s not. It’s not his blog or its credibility that is the point here, but the bated breath with which Lee’s death is awaited in some quarters that even Pokemon’s blog might be taken seriously if the news is sensational enough. I bet if I was to release the news, ‘Gopalan Nair brought up on charges of copulating with a goat’, that would see quite a lot of hits and comments at a2ed, not because local bloggers, the opposition, or just about anyone else have the sense to appreciate the contents of the site, but because Gopalan has been cast in the hallowed glow of the media long enough for Confucians to flock to him - upon the same logic do prominent members of the fascist opposition earn their credentials, not by insight but being in constant sight.

“In fact I don't know anything. And neither do you. And that my friends is the story of living in Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore. “

I’ll have to agree with him there. Especially when people come across as more of a product of the PAP than an alternative, and where democratic movements are nothing but an attempt to refine fascism as opposed to doing away with it altogether.

“Those with money will begin transferring it abroad, there will be a run on the banks, his corrupt friends at the top will be leaving with their money and their lives, there will be demonstrations at the junctions of Geylang Road and Mountbatten Road and Orchard Road and Patterson Road. There will be mayhem. And it will happen soon.”

I wonder if Gopalan is relying on the power of suggestion in the course of a dry-run or rehearsal as was almost the case with his hoax. If anything was to happen, it would probably be indicative of the people placing too much importance in Lee senior as to want to wait for his departure before being fired enough to picket and placard. That, actually, would indicate the possibility that a people who over-value a singular individual might simultaneously devalue each other enough to not do anything, or if they do, do so purely out of self-interest. Let’s not forget that many say that Lee is a great man because he ‘did all this’, whilst pointing to their surroundings. A people who can say such a thing are simultaneously a people who have no sense of the worth of the collective or themselves as significant elements in the movement for democracy.

“If not pack up your belongings and your families and fly Qantas to Australia or some other safer country. Singapore is not longer safe.”

Oh yes, I will certainly be doing that. Not because it is ‘no longer safe’, but because the spirit of the ruling party has found the people and the opposition as its host. They are all couched in the ‘safety’ and familiarity of the underlying fascist and racist status quo that they are incapable of critical introspection and empathy and are motivated to bring about democracy purely for self-interest without any appreciation of the fact that the latter negates the former.

source: My last post about Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew was a hoax. However it was deliberate.




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