BBC Breaking News: Gopalan arrested on charges of bestiality

California, US: Gopalan appeared before magistrates this afternoon after he was arrested at his home in a dawn raid by Police and RSPCA officers.

He pled guilty to eight hundred and ninety two specimen charges of unlawful sex with animals, after it was revealed he had been interfering with poultry in a series of famous turkey farms.

In court, despite being asked repeatedly to keep his remarks to "guilty or not guilty" Mr Gopalan alleged inter-species discrimination with, "If it's good enough for the gander, why shouldn't it be good enough for me!?"

A spokesman for the RSPCA said, "We are glad Mr Gopalan has finally been apprehended. We don't understand how anyone could... treat a turkey this way. Perhaps the occasional gobble, but not this."

The turkey, be it the victim or Gopalan, wasn't available for comment though it is suspected that this is Gopalan's way of contributing to the off-season decline in sales of Turkeys, and perhaps, deemed to be a remedy for a receding hairline and early signs of dementia.


And we all know that the above is a hoax, and that the number of hits this post has attracted is not due to the popularity of this site or its author, but the similitude between the named in the title and a certain someone who recently released a hoax on Lee's medical condition(see 'hits' below). So if the aforementioned namesake found that the whole furore over his recent hoax was gratifying, it shouldn't be. And, by the way, I didn't say 'Gopalan Nair', just 'Gopalan'. The sensational requires nothing but the merest allusion to the prominent for attention, and is not reliant on the prominence of the site or person who forwards it. Besides the above being an illustration of this point, it also serves to show that it isn't very nice to take jibes at others' infirmities or poke fun at that them just for 'a joke' - as Gopalan recently did with Lee's 'false teeth' falling into the River Thames. A2ed is not a fan of the Lees, but we ought to just stick to the issues instead of just engaging in malicious mud-slinging for its own sake.


the above is a modified version of the original: The Spoof


  1. If this has attracted and generated more than usual hit, it surely proved the extent to which people are attracted to such 'saucy' news and more so if it involves people who are 'well known' (for the right reason or otherwise). I wonder if this experiment would have similar impact if the 'hoax' was done on another person but who is less 'popular'. Considering the behavourial pattern of the local blogging community that usually 'flocks' toward the popular and prominent, the result would be quite apparent. Perhaps, for those who have read and thought about it, let it be a call to not be influenced solely by popularity and prominence but more importantly by substance and truth.


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    From an anonymous commenter in Singapore Dissident blog:

    Has Gopalan's hoax hurt anybody? Why it is despicable? Is it more despicable than the following hoaxes perpetuated by the Lee govt.?

    That the CPF will see through Singaporeans' retirement. That HDB flats are affordable. That foreigners work harder than Singaporeans. That the GRC system was implemented to ensure minority representation in Parliament.

    That there are no poverty and homelessness in Singapore. That ministers' salaries are meant to ensure that only the best talents enter govt. service. That the two child policy was good. That there is no white horse platoons in SAF.

    That opposition like JBJ and CSJ are out to destroy Singapore. That Mas Selamat escaped through the toilet. Many of us do not even acknowledge these are hoaxes because we have swallowed hook and line these lies over the years via the MSM.

  3. Very well said Anonymous 1, (please use a pseudonym next time please, at least at the end of the comment if you want to do without the hassle of going through the other posting options.)

    I'm glad that the message regarding the problem with the Confucianist tendency to flock to the prominent is beginning to be appreciated, though I dare say that most would just ignore it and stick to the tradition of couching themselves at the feet of the prominent since it spares them the tedium of thought and reflection - Confucian states breed 'followers' as opposed to 'thinkers'.

    As of now, this article has generated 150 unique 'hits' in the course of just under 18 hours, which is more than the usual 50-70 that articles on this site receives in 24 hours (stats by 'statcounter').

    However, as is evident here, there are hardly any comments. This mirrors my offline experience with, generally the Chinese, whom either agree with relatively novel ideas without comment, or ignore it altogether. It seems that most are inclined toward 'instant gratification' and hence prefer the simple agreement or disagreement as opposed to thought and challenge/comment. I suppose, again, one needs to be of the prominent stature of the 'new media' or Chee et al before further thought and comment is spared - a phenomena that evidentially appears to be more pronounced in Confucian states. Not much hope for true democracy in such a state as the belief in the value of the 'commoner' as a source of insights is quite absent.

    That undermines democracy from the ground-up as the significance of the individual, despite her/is not being a part of the 'majority' or a 'well-known', is not recognised by the masses. As i've stated in a previous article, the best that can be hoped for in such a state is 'change', but not democracy.

  4. Interesting hoax though...

    "...not a fan of the Lees, but we ought to just stick to the issues instead of just engaging in malicious mud-slinging for its own sake."

    Easier said than doen since some bloggers have other ideas.. it is probably important then to be discerning of news be it MSM or new media.

  5. Gopalan is nothing but an intellectual scum.

  6. Hello Soo Jen,

    Nice to see you again.

    "it is probably important then to be discerning of news be it MSM or new media."

    Well put indeed.

  7. To Anon,

    "Gopalan is nothing but an intellectual scum."

    That requires justification. I do not need to like him; I may not, on the basis of reason, agree with some of his views; but that doesn't make him or all of his views discountable.


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