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in comment : What 'Singaporeans' are you talking about TR?

Temasek Review: Indian new citizen/PR told Singapore NSman complaining about foreigners to make himself more “marketable”

"How can Sinha expect Singaporeans to make themselves more “marketable” when they have to compete directly with foreign workers who cost a fraction of them?"


What 'singaporeans' are you people talking about? The 'mandarin-speakers preferred' singaporeans? The 'must maintain a racial balance in favour of the chinese' singaporeans? The 'speak mandarin and appreciate chinese culture as opposed to others' singaporeans? The 'mother tongue policy that makes one sector more marketable locally and regionally than others' singaporeans?

It's not very pleasant when the selfsame plight is visited upon you in the face of the new foreigners, but perhaps that could lead to the growth of an empathetic propensity on your part. Or has preceding conditions led to your being too well-trained in the art of self-absorption to care?

To the opposition, anything to say about this? I think not.


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