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Gatorade and Gillette denies complicity in Tiger's extra-marital woody

Product endorsements by ‘stars’.

What can we make of them. We can see TCS ‘stars’ endorsing hair loss treatments; or that idiot Gurmit telling us to ‘be a man’ and do something about hair loss - as if that serves as a great compensation for not being able to do it past the time it takes to boil an egg; Tiger Woods endorsing Gatorade or Gillette; Clooney endorsing watches; Hello Kitty endorsing MacDonald’s meat sandwiches, pop stars being appointed to the UN or heading song and dance festivals in aid of this and thats.......

I really don’t know what prominence has got to do with expertise, unless the argument goes, ‘now that i’ve got the attention and adulation of the masses for one thing, i’m an expert in everything.’ As far as i’m concerned, they’re nothing but whores who put their faces to anything so as to get the malformed masses to bend over and take it from Corporations, and from which they get a ‘cut’. I dare say that i’ve more respect for sex workers as they give you exactly what you paid for as opposed to the confidence that you’re getting something good because some ‘star’ says so. That would be like a sex worker telling you you’re getting great sex at the very moment s/he’s sipping a cup of tea and telling you just that through an MSN chat.

Well, getting back to Tiger Woods, who apparently swung into the wrong bunker, now Gatorade withdraws its sponsorship. Why? For fear that the mass consumption of Gatorade ‘Tiger’ might see a sudden peak in extra-marital affairs due to some China-made ‘keep it up for 1001 days and nights’ ingredient? And Gillette is ‘limiting’ his role in their marketing campaign so that it is not implied that a good shave would be considerate before ‘going down’ on thy neighbour?

The way I see it, these corporations have, in the face of Tiger’s crouching over another, as valid a reason for dropping Tiger as they had for having him front their products in the first place. Irrelevant in either case. It just goes to expose these industries for what they are in their attempts to boost their profit margin by associating their products with everything but its intrinsic quality. Tiger keeps his woody for his wife and none other, so Gatorade and Gillette is good stuff when endorsed by them.

One has to thank the inane masses for this. As i've said for quite some time, the 'fan' who is simultaneously a 'citizen' undoes the sensibilities required of the latter by the insensibilities of the former.



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