Fascist Watch SG : TR's, 'Two PRC ladies scolding Singaporean old lady selling flowers at Kwan Im Tong Temple'

This is a section charting the fascist mindset of the opposition. As i have written quite a bit about the fascism of the government in the past, it is about time we turn the critical eye toward the ‘opposition’ so that we don’t elect old demons in new forms into parliament.


TR’s, ‘VIDEO: Two PRC ladies scolding Singaporean old lady selling flowers at Kwan Im Tong Temple’

“Singapore has been welcoming Chinese immigrants from Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Taiwan in the 1980s and 1990s and they had encountered few problems assimilating into Singapore society.”

Where’s the fuss by TR about how this served and serves to maintain the fascist policy of maintaining singapore’s racial balance in favour of the chinese? This is constantly glossed over by the fascist and racist Temasek Review who just speak about how this compromises 'singaporean's' economic interests, whilst 'diluting' 'singaporean' culture. New media? Fascist media more like it. And what's this about 'assimilating into Singapore society'? A freudian slip perhaps? Why not 'integrating', whereby we learn from each other. Isn't this just typically confucian. We had a similar situation in the UK but the British, in general, opted for integration as opposed to assimilation.

“The ruling party is so desperate for mainland Chinese immigrants that even construction workers, cleaners, masseurs and prostitutes are given PRs and citizenships though many do not even know simple English.”

This is quite hilarious indeed. TR, amongst other local bloggers and political parties keep relatively silent about the policy favouring a chinese majority whilst complaining about how the government keeps importing Chinese nationals to keep up the said racial balance. I dare say the irony of this is lost on them. Fascist/racists aren’t, generally, a smart lot given their tendency to ignore information and experiences that does not immediately impact positively on their own interests, and given their being trained out of the appreciation of detail by defining groups according to the most obvious characteristics.

“Some parts of Singapore like Geylang and Chinatown now resemble more like provinces of China. In fact, one can find Chinese women from almost all the 23 provinces of China congregated along the narrow alleys of Geylang.”

Strange. A couple of years ago, my mom was saying that she wished the British never left. When i asked why, amongst other reasons, she stated, ‘now it’s just like a state of China’. And she wasn’t referring to the PRCs. She’s gotten along very well with the Chinese all her life - by keeping her 'Indianness' at home that is, she love talking about global politics analytically even though she only has a primary school education - and in her younger days, spoke Hokkien amongst other languages and dialects. She also instructed in ‘qigong’, and has many Chinese friends. But her problem lay with the Confucianisation of singapore and the ‘speak mandarin, it’s cool campaign’, amongst a host of others that made singapore more chinese than the result of a fusion of different cultures and gave the former great advantage over all others. And now, we have TR, amongst others, complaining about the PRCs turning parts of singapore into China. Unbelievable. As my Indian friends in the 80s used to say in the face of hypocrisy, ‘dei, lu rumah tadah chermin ah?’ (forgive any errors, it’s been a long time.) It’s just a case of the privileged not being thrilled about said privilege being compromised. They are happily ignoring the fact that they are now facing just a little bit of what ethnic minorities have had to put up with for a couple of decades now. Personally, I have no problems with Singapore being 'swarmed' by the local Chinese, so long as we have egalitarian multiculturalism and integration as opposed to ignorance-cum-assimilation.

“In a recent interview with National Geographic magazine, Singapore’s octogenarian leader Lee Kuan Yew told the journalist Mark Jacobson why Singapore is accepting so many Chinese immigrants:

“Over time, Singaporeans have become less hard-driving and hard-striving. This is why it is a good thing that the nation has welcomed so many Chinese immigrants.” Lee was quoted saying.

Based on the video clip above, it is quite obvious that the newcomers from China are indeed more “hard-driving” and “hard-striving” than local Singaporeans who were described as “daft” by Lee if they dared to cast a protest vote against his party in the next election.”

Why did the opposition keep relatively silent when the very same reason was used to favour Singaporean chinese, or SGCs, over the Malays and Indians, and which was later used - to use the parlance of the opposition in the face of foreigners - to ‘swarm’ singapore with PRC Chinese? Gross hypocrisy.


Comments section

by ‘Be honest’: Let me share my two cents worth about PRCs.

These people has survived through very tough times including the cultural revolution. Singaporeans have no clue what this is all about and therefore expect them to be no different from our neighbors from Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Philippines etc etc.

In reality they are very different as during the tough communist days (yes they are still communist now but things have changed so much that its only communist on the exterior when it is more of a capitalistic society internally).
Those days religion was totally banned, not only this individuals were encourage to report on their families (parents and sibling included) on activities which are deemed negative to the state, many were thrown into jails or put into hard labor or even put to death.
This took place for a long period of time and impact perhaps at least one full generation.

Basically PRCs who passed through this phase have no morals or religious fall back, fast forward into today where its suddenly almost a capitalist society, these people who have no moral/religious base line to fall back to tend to have only one aspiration which is to look after themselves.

This explains why we can see cases of fake milk powder and food stuff which are unheard off from other places. Also it explains why generally PRCs are tougher and more willing to fight for their rights compared to Singaporeans who are trained by the government from their early days in schools to be a conformist and abide to rules and regulations.

Remember this is just my two cents worth.

Btw, 'Be honest' above has put out a description of PRCs which arguably might apply to singaporean chinese as well. The difference between the PRCs and the SGCs can also be said to be in terms of 'degree' and not 'orientation'. Think about that you fascist twits.

And with regards to the entire article’s thrust,

ed: Yes sir. Chinese singaporeans are so polite, so nice, so caring and compassionate, so empathetic, so considerate and thoughtful. Who are these foreign chinese who dare to come here and dilute our singaporean culture with such arrogance and rudeness.

I really don't like the vilification of PRCs on the basis of this amongst other videos and accounts to demonise them and all foreigners. I have seen and experienced many instances of SGC racism, rudeness and apathy as well. I have also experienced this from the Indians and Malays as well - albeit to a far lesser degree. If this is not a call for critical introspection, i don't know what is. Instead of poking the finger into the eyes of foreigners, the opposition, and the fascist and racist TR, and most local bloggers, ought to ask what they've done to turn local minorities into 'foreigners' by their oversights and think about how egalitarian multiculturalism may be realised. Whacking these foreigners and reducing them to nothing more than 'FTs' and 'PRCs', and lumping the whole lot of them together because of the actions of a few tends to perpetuate self-absorption amongst the 'SGCs'. Ask yourself if the stance taken presently is not a strong indicator of a prior fascist and racist mentality amongst the local populace that has been birthed by the decades old pro-Confucian and pro-monocultural stance of the government.

There must have been something really good about the British prior to their taking action against the National Front and the British National Party. And there must be something really bad about singaporeans for the opposition to be no different from either the NF or BNP.




  1. u dun tok bird language can?

  2. Very insightful post Mr Ed. But i don't think TR is going to bother as you are just one and they are many. Their gang bigger than yours, so they can ignore you;) But as Gandhi said, even if you're in a minority of one, the truth is still the truth. Keep it up Mr Ed:) and ignore idiots like 'anonymous'. He probably got his education through channel 8;) haha.

  3. How many of the foreigners are Chinese? How come the opposition isn't making noise about how this influx is again pro-chinese like in the past? They are only interested in themselves!

  4. i'm chinese and i think you wrote this article quite brilliantly.

  5. "TR, amongst other local bloggers and political parties keep relatively silent about the policy favouring a chinese majority whilst complaining about how the government keeps importing Chinese nationals to keep up the said racial balance. I dare say the irony of this is lost on them."

    The irony isn't lost--but I am Chinese (Peranakan though) and I was sick of the govt's sinocisation policy from the start, and have always hated Confucianism as well, since I have the added "misfortune" of being a woman. My parents used Chinese dialects, English, and Malay to get along with all our friends, but never Mandarin, since they had never used or were educated in it--I became one of those schoolkids who begged their parents to emigrate from Singapore because of the torturous Mandarin classes and teachers (and classmates) I had to tolerate in school. I did look down upon Singaporean Chinese who were so "cheena" as to never use English to interact with the other races--now perhaps they know how I felt for much of my life! I still am against (or at least wary of) the influx of mainland Chinese as I don't see them integrating very well here--but it's more from the POV of, again, someone who thinks interracial and intercultural understanding in SG needing improvement, and that labour in SG is already too cheaply valued.


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