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Race & Representation, in response to P65 & TR

The following are a2ed's responses, and placed as 'comments' on their respective sites, to statements by P65 & Temasek Review.

P65, Gong Xi Fa Cai!

The “Yu Sheng” or “Lou Hei” is a traditional dish partaken during reunion dinners or gatherings during Chinese New Year.

It is a dish i dearly miss as i spend yet another Chinese New Year away from family in a distant land. But even as i reflect on this dish that i miss, i am amazed at how different ingredients of different qualities and traits come together to make such a unique and tasty dish.

I am reminded as well of the social fabric we have in Singapore and how different peoples, races, religions, cultures all converge together to form one unique Singapore.

Without further ado, on behalf of the P65 blog, i would like to wish all our readers a prosperous and happy Chinese New Year and to those who are not celebrating CNY, a happy holidays!

Gong Xi Fa Cai!


Nonsense. You’re probably ignorant enough of other cultures to think that ’singaporean’ culture is a fusion of all local cultures. The Malay culture has been left to express itself within the Malay community, and Indian culture has been diluted to the point that many are just Confucians with another epidermal tincture. What has taken place is assimilation as opposed to integration. The evidence is overwhelming. It takes exceptional self-absorption, and an internalised fascist mindset, to not appreciate it.

The fact that ‘eating, gambling, shopping’ is a ‘national pastime, ‘national integration night’ being held on the last day of the CNY period, ‘chun’ being stuck on the Singapore flyer, amongst a myriad and multitude of others, indicates something does it not. But one has to not be a racist and a fascist to see it.

An intelligent mind, however, will realise that the only aspects of Malay or Indian culture that has been adopted is that which does not conflict with the traditional taste of the Chinese. All others have been ignored and marginalised into non-existence.

Temasek Review, Temasek Review to set up subsection on Korean TV drama

As part of its continued efforts to expand its readership base and to reach out to apolitical Singaporeans, the Temasek Review will be setting up a subsection under “Entertainment” on Korean TV drama.

I can understand the reason why you might dangle the trivial to encourage consideration for the significant.

But i have to wonder if this does not simultaneously reinforce existing cultural introversion amongst the Chinese - as does Singaporedaily's racist and sexist 'daily chiobu' section.





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