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Centralised Multiculturalism - the UK vs SG

Eid on the (Trafalgar) Square, 2009

Now that's one of the things I love about the UK. Whether it is Hari Raya Puasa (eid), Deepavali, Chinese New Year, or Christmas, amongst others, whatever the racial proportions, they are all afforded a central space for celebrations as opposed to Singapore's brand of 'multiculturalism' where only one is afforded a central space such as Marina whilst all others are left to their own devices in traditional enclaves. That's a touch of egalitarian multiculturalism for you. Having great differences isn't a problem, it is only when we marginalise and peripheralise difference that everyone loses, including the winners who won't be as much as they might be if they did otherwise. In centralising the least (in numbers), we champion the notion that significance lies in difference and the value of the individual despite numbers. That's one of the steps to be taken for the advance of mutual respect, as opposed to mere 'tolerance and sensitivity', and the enhancement of the self-efficacy of various groups.

You won't see the 'opposition' in Singapore talking about these things, and what is said about the UK in this observation can't be applied in the case of Singapore. Ever wonder why?

God bless the United Kingdom.

[aspiring 2ward egalitarian democracy]

p.s., Oh, by the way, that's 'V' fiddling around with her lenses at 0.22secs.


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