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Anti-China Graffiti At NTU (Asiaone 19 Feb) - scapegoating foreigners

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Singaporeans, via the monocultural stance of the government, and via the thus trained apathy and self-absorption amongst the masses, and the 'preferred' and racially defined 'majority', has produced a nation of people whom are opposed to contradiction, difference, and second guessing. They have been taught that significance lies in numbers and 'same same is good' as opposed to the significance of the individual. Hence, the idea of 'majority' and 'minority' has taken a racist tincture over 3 decades.

Hence, i'm not surprised that students would behave in such a manner. They are bred by the oversights of the population and the opposition. They are victims themselves. As for myself, i get along very well with the PRCs at my neighbourhood coffeeshop, and love the sights and sounds of difference in this country. However, i do acknowledge that jobs should not be made available for foreigners unless it is made available to singaporeans first. And secondly, the salary ought not to be lowered to the point that a singaporean would have to share a flat with lots of other singaporeans before they can take the job.

Finally, whilst we are going on about how foreigners are placing singaporeans at 2nd position when it comes to jobs, the locals should also exhibit some empathy and ask how the chinese have been advantaged similarly relative to the non-chinese. If this is not done, all this furore over foreigners become little more than a hypocritical and self-absorbed venture by a people whom are used to having it to their advantage at the expense of others. We should use this situation as a call for introspection. Perhaps, the Chinese being put in a position others have been accustomed to could lead to that amount of reflection and critical introspection to add egalitarian multicultural meat to the term, 'Singaporean'. Hence, I see the influx of 'foreigners', or more aptly, 'new foreigners', as timely and heaven-sent. Perhaps this interlude of poetical justice proportions might engender true egalitarian justice in this country.

You see, the truth of the matter is, if the people did not remain silent when the government stated that singapore must always have a chinese majority, and which, together with other policies, advantaged them, we might have grown to be a nation of previously foreign talents whom have become far more intelligent instead of importing them, and the government would not see the need to bring in PRCs to maintain the 'favourable' balance. The right amount of empathy effectuated at the right time might have also seen the government evolving into a more empathetic and socially responsible entity. For the government to be this apathetic, one has to wonder how popular apathy has fed it as well. Let's not engage in self-absolution by scapegoating 'foreigners'.




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