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A2ED : being Objective Oriented

Never mind your General and his court, believe in thyself to go farther than they can imagine.  It is only than that you are a boon to the Cause, if not to their credit.

aspiring 2wards,

Egalitarian Democracy

[for the uninitiated, the above is Xiang Qi, a Chinese version of Indian Chess (Chaturanga). The above, starting from the top, illustrates the last 2 movements, played by ed (red), before checkmate and capture respectively. I would certainly recommend the game to all non-Chinese, as a perspective learnt from another culture can only enrich your perspectival arsenal, which is why I picked it up a couple of weeks. Absolutely love it for its difference and challenge.]


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Is singapore a tyranny, or are people to dumbed down to feel it?

The following is a consideration of the perspective posted at the site, 'article14'. The site, in discussing the so-called 'Black Sunday movement' whose members wear black and congregate at Starbucks - perhaps they have an unstated desire to boost Starbucks sales of overpriced beverages, or perhaps Starbucks is paying for their black garments...silly people - to express their support for the freedom of expression - brought up certain points that seem to be commonly held by the 'singaporeans' of today.

Manifesto Against Same-Sex Marriages and Homo-Promotion

My stand against homosexuality is based on the following.  It is a logical, rather than a personal, decision.

Under the slogan, 'the freedom to love', it in principle justifies incestuous, group, etc, marriages.  All it requires is 'consenting adults', without an inquiry into what it means to be an 'adult' in intelligent, moral, and introspective terms.

This in turn encourages a ‘go with your feel’ tendency, which in itself gives rise a myriad of tendencies that go unquestioned.  Right and wrong ceases to matter, and even if something is illegal, one can still view it as society just having its own bias against it, just as it once had a ‘bias’ against homosexuality.

‘Nothing is natural.  Everything is just a matter of preference.’  That is the basic thrust of this unfortunate situation.  In fact, having a preference is in itself seen as evidence of one’s intelligence.  No attention needs to be paid to intellectuals, thinkers, philosophers, sages, religious te…