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Thanks to Mr Bell for this one.

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only the sinky chinese can and will decide who governs sinkyland.
after all LKY banked on the chinese to win power, and most eurasians reckoned that LKY would use the chinese card to full effect and left for oz and elsewhere. the indians stayed becos malaysia was twice as bad for them (still is).

the speak mandarin campaign was another indication of how LKY used race politics to his advantage and that was a slap in the face for the peranakans, most of whom went into hiding becos they didnt want anyone to know they had malay blood in them - (, who cares - like it really matters)

the PAP keeps sweet with the malays becos they know that being anti-malay would be a foolish move in the region we are in.
the eurasians, indians and malays dont count polictically becos they simply dont have the numbers.

20 years ago , it was more pronounced - the PAP portrayed themselves as a pro-chinese party but JB\\\'s win surprisingly showed that sinky chinese are mature and brave enuff to vote for an indian intellectual.
frankly, the minorities cannot influence the vote.
the question i pose to u is - are the sinky chinese capable of fairmindedness and do they realise what effect FTs are gonna determine sinkyland in the near future.
its all about the FTS and their effect on - jobs, homes, education etc . this is what will play a big factor come election time.
just look at the football team for starters - a fucking disgrace that hardly means anything to sinkies - unlike the time when we had a truly multiracial team that we were so proud of . local sinkies, and a local coach in choo seng quee (remember him) - a guy that spoke more malay/english than chinese.

lastly - sinky for sinkies. cheers.

I understand your concerns and the issues you have raised are genuine BUT poiltics is a different thing. There was no evidence that Tang Liang Hong was a chinese chauvinist yet he was labelled as one.

Alex is already associated with this forum and it won\\\'t take PAP label other opposition with this forum. That is the reality. It is best that Alex and other opposition disassociate with this forum. We can lose this but not any opposition into the parliament.

Am not a fan of the Paps... But what you pointed out is quite true... Just look at the last elections and why Aljunied was still pro-PAP even though they won by the slightest of margins... WP didn't work the ground well and did not convince the Malay voters there. They could have lost out because the Malays are still pro-PAP...

You are right. Every vote counts. Some forummers here are saying that Chinese votes decides the gov. This can only happen if the Chinese votes are united. So the minority can become the power broker. Let's look at the Malaysia elections 2008 and 2004.


In msia, the Chinese and Malay votes were divided, but the Indian votes were united. After the Hindraf saga, the 10% Indian votes went to the opposition, and it translated several seats for the opposition in parliament.

In sg the malay votes are united, they are the power brokers.

The Hindraf issue begins here: Hindraf: Al Jazeera Live Interview: Samy Vellu Challenged to Reveal List of Temples

The Hindraff issue escalates: Special Report: The Hindraf protest


  1. This is what mean by the minority becoming the power broker:


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    DON'T VOTE THE RACIST OPPOSITION, WHO DON'T HAVE THE MINORITY SINGAPOREANS AT HEART. VOTE THE PAP, THE PROVEN PARTY WITH CONCERNS FOR THE MINORITIES. CHOOSE THE LEAST EVIL OF ALL EVILS. (anyway who can claim to be non-evil, when we are all born of sin.) The one who has not sinned, may he be the first to cast the stone on the sinner. VOTE THE PAP IN, FOR A SECURE SINGAPORE LIFE. MAJULLAH SINGAPURA!

    see link below........


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    NOW BE SPECIFIC PLEASE! WHEN YOU SAY SINGAPOREANS, ARE YOU REFERING TO MAJORITY SINGAPOREANS, MINORITY SINGAPOREANS OR MAJORITY PLUS (+) MINORITY SINGAPOREANS ( which includes Chinese, Malays, Indians, Eurasians, Filipinos, Thais, Indians, Caucasians, Bhutanese, and Others) ? You now have to include the FTs as well for a good support base. Keep up with the times bro! Put aside all chauvinistic views, with an open mind for success.


  4. http://forums.delphiforums.com/3in1kopitiam/messages?msg=29335.19

    Pls go above link for the above second comments made

  5. If i was to recommend that egalitarian-minded singaporeans, regardless of 'race', vote for the PAP, it would not be because they are 'the proven party with concerns for the minorities'. It would be because the opposition would not be inclined to critically introspect unless they receive a clear vote of no confidence in the form of votes for the PAP. They might not see 'spoilt' votes as such as that is open to subjective interpretation. But I cannot conclude just as yet on this.

    However, let's keep in mind that if the opposition is not egalitarian-minded - as evidenced by their not taking issue with, or at times, even noticing, that which compromises the interests of minorities defined by 'race' - it is because they have failed to inquire after how they might be a perspectival product of the ruling party. The opposition being biased, as evidenced by their glaring oversights, does not absolve the ruling party of being the primary cause.

    The ruling party is not the 'lesser of two evils'. It is, as evidence suggests, the father of both. But if it takes a vote for the ruling party to send a wake up call to the opposition, then so be it.



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