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Musings on Fascism

There is something about fascist apathy that blinds us to our own interests. Maybe it is how we are trained out of the appreciation of detail; or perhaps, in not understanding or appreciating difference, we lose the ability to appreciate phenomena from different angles; and then there is also the loss that comes with failing to add the cultural perspectives of others to our own; and then again, we are also trained to appreciate only the obvious or salient as illustrated in our appreciation of the ‘the majority’ in terms of race or colour, or maybe shared history, or being ‘natives’; and there is also an increased tendency to worship some leader or party that has delivered them from the insecurities that come when faced with the novel; and last but not least, the tendency to value race itself leads to the devaluation of the individual as the latter is the price that has to be paid when we scorn another for difference and not appreciate their essential individuality in itself.

All of these come together to produce exceedingly docile minds and we hence have little choice but to look upward for directions whilst mistaking the potholes that we invariably break our ankles in as ‘fate’. But if everyone all over the world walks with a limp, then we are spared the discomfort that comes with critical introspection. And with the said devaluation of the individual, and the worship of a leader or political party, popular political vibrancy and individualism is compromised and people are well prepared to deal with the consequences of all of the above via gross opportunism.

And so we plod on ahead and become lesser humans as we seek out the only evidence of the validity of a status quo in our growing economic affluence whilst having being reduced enough not to recognise or want more. And if enough states follow this path, we move into the land of the blind where the one-eyed wo/man, who appreciates the iniquity of this whole scheme of things, is deemed to be handicapped for not being able to stop complaining and move on.




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