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More on 'ethnic enclaves'. 'Donkeys' listen up.

excerpt source: Temasek Review

“They are a mix of nationalities. So although there is no ‘ethnic’ enclave as such, there is a high concentration of foreigners ‘to the point where Singaporeans feel threatened and become a minority. When that happens, then it becomes an issue,” he added.”

Why wasn’t it an ‘issue’ when the Malays and Indians became an ethnic minority due to the government’s position that the racial balance must be in favour of the Chinese?

You won’t find the ‘opposition’, TR, ‘democratic’ bloggers, amongst others, kicking up a fuss over this. Hence, I dare say that a ‘minority’ vote of no confidence in the ‘opposition’ is in order.

“It would also assuage the concern of those Singaporeans who feel besieged in their neighbourhood by new sights and smells. On her house visits, every block throws up at least two or three Singaporeans who voice their concerns about this,” she was quoted as saying in the Straits Times.

Sights and smells? I recall many remarks by the local chinese, chinese friends, and family, from my childhood to the present with regards to the ‘smell’ of minorities, their homes, and their food. And I’m also well aware that the Confucianism-induced penchant for uniformity, conformity, and monoculturalism would have quite a bit to do with the reason why Temasek Review, the so-called ‘new media’ of the ‘opposition’ would choose to give prominence to such statements without taking issue with it. In this, they mirror seem to mirror the perspectives of some of the 'majority what!' come-lately. All i'm asking, no, demanding, is a bit of empathy and appreciation of difference. I personally have been made greater through my appreciation of OIMC, or, 'others, Indians, Malays, and Chinese', and I've always hoped that everyone would be able to thrive similarly. Perhaps TR should adjust its slant to a more cosmopolitan one and cease promoting their learnt and inherited aversion to difference. Try to be more cosmopolitan/Indian/British will you.

Fascists like TR, and most singaporean activists and bloggers, including members of the SDP, are known for their neo-Nazi mentality not by the good that they say, but the slant which it takes, and their failure to take issue with the numerous instances of fascist perspectives that abound amongst the critiques of the government. There is always a fusion between ‘economic pragmatism’ and aversion to difference. Many in the UK realise that, but none in singapore. You have to be a non-fascist to realise that. Well, perhaps TR would like to sue a2ed for ‘defamation’ as they had hilariously threatened to do with ‘Eric How’. Ah these kids. Perhaps they ought to stick to playing ‘cowboys & Indians’.

Do these, to use the word utilised by the mythical Eric How, ‘donkeys’, realise that that is typically fascist behaviour, and mirrors the party in power’s approach toward critique - though more so in the past than in the present? But I dare say that they are not going to take issue with a2ed as a2ed is not a member of the YPAP. Just like the government, the ‘opposition’ tends to take issue only with the prominent, and not with ideas. In that, is further evidence of their true nature which will never be obvious to the self-absorbed, which includes most ‘netizens’ and the population of singapore present. Anyway, ‘Eric How’ was wrong in calling TR, amongst others, ‘donkeys’. They aren’t. Donkeys are, unfortunately, used as beasts of burden. In this case, we are the ones whom are being burdened by a fascist beast confused for a ‘democrat’. Man, these jackasses give democracy a bad name of misnomic proportions. I got my education in anti-fascism in the United Kingdom, whilst these blokes seem to have gotten educated into confusing fascism for democracy in the bosom of the party in power. Tsk, tsk.




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