Apple’ Ipad - needs a ‘foreign talent from the PRC’ add-on

Apple’ Ipad - needs a ‘foreign talent from the PRC’ add-on

It is certainly not the preferred tool for writers unless one buys a stand for it along with an external keyboard, and in which case, an all-in-one ‘netbook’ might be more convenient.

I really wonder after the evolution of the masses, or perhaps the Corporation’s pretty successful efforts to determine its degenerative course toward mindless consumerism and little besides. The ‘netbook’ whilst structured for writers, or more aptly, ‘typers’, is called a ‘netbook’ and not as it might be termed in an alternate reality where citizens outnumber ‘fans’ and ‘consumers’, as, perhaps, ‘thoughtbooks’, ‘writebooks’, amongst others.

And the Ipad is certainly the less preferred alternative to ‘netbooks’ for serious thinkers-cum-typers as one needs to be holding it with at least one hand whilst doing, perhaps, a 2-fingered tap dance on the keyboard. There are pastimes that are optimally-suited for one-hand maneuvers, but serious typing isn’t one of them I’m afraid. It seems that efforts are being made, albeit unwitting, to structure the human physical experience of things to ensure that s/he is brief in her words, and this way, brief in thought. After all, how many would be inclined to type out a 2000 word analysis with two fingers eh. Serious thinkers-cum-typers tend to pick up typing at quite a speed given their desire to type out words at the same speed as their thoughts. But if we structure the experience, as with the Ipad, to slow down the typing, a slow-down of thought inevitably follows.

Remember, evolution is not yet over. The powers-that-be would like to justify the current socio-economic status quo by stating that humans are genetically predisposed to compete, etc, etc, whilst structuring your ongoing evolution to ensure you do little else other than that which helps them maintain their continued and ever-expanding hegemony over the mindless ‘modern’ masses.

That said, the Ipad is quite a nice tool for imbibing the web and entertainment, and of course, reading - that is the only tempting point for me. If it is interactive, it is mostly in terms of your tap-dancing here and there on the screen to imbibe some more, and not ‘interactive’ in a sense that you might one to send out volley after volley of analysis here and there. And anyway, as there are no obtrusions on the keyboard on the screen as one might find on a traditional keyboard on the letters, ‘F’ and ‘J’, I wouldn’t be able to focus on attempting to keep up with my thoughts at 35 or so words per minute. And I don’t fancy having my crotch in constant view whilst doing so with my knees propped up either. It wouldn’t be great for the neck. And we all know that neck posture is pretty important in the course of a computing experience. And frankly, i’m inclined to view my documentaries at coffeeshops with my legs stretched across a stool and my hands behind my head. Perhaps i could consider getting some ‘foreign talent’ from the PRC to prop it up for me as the pro-chinese government here don’t seem to have a problem with opening the doors to them to do jobs which locals could do. But then again, that wouldn’t be very nice would it.

Alright. Enough of Steve Job’s ‘Ipad’. Sounds like a virtual version of a sanitary pad if you ask me. Too bad PMS isn’t as virtual. And anyway, it isn’t him that created it. It is the product of many minds - including what we’ve been seeing on Star Trek for a few decades. He’s just taking most of the credit, and the money, for it. That’s capitalist-style ‘respect for intellectual property’ for you.