Tech : Bye bye WinDOS

For myself, I have genuine copies of Windows 95 through to Vista, save Millennium. And throughout that time to the present, I have to say that using Windows has made me more intelligent in terms of troubleshooting, problem resolution, multiangular thinking, and, of course, utilising the time for reinstallations, hangs, freezes, blue-screen melt-downs, amongst a host of other tremors ranging from mild coffee-stirring incidents to tsunami inducing ones, to reflect on the meaning of life or wondering if it was not I who was experiencing all of the above and not the PC.

If I had ‘gone mac’ and allowed Apple to take a big bite off my posterior – in earlier days when the price difference was as wide as a bath-tub designed for a ménage-a-trois – I suppose I would have been deprived of more than a modicum of the critical skills acquired from attempting to handle all that Windows could throw at me. I suppose that puts me and all other PC users out there in the outsourced and unpaid technical department of Microsoft.

But as I was explaining to ‘V’, a Chinese girl from singapore in whose abode I’m residing in the UK, there comes a time when boredom sets in with the same load of problems taken a new twist and form and where one’s analytical skills isn’t going to see increasing input as might have been in earlier days when ‘PC for dummies’ might have been appropriate for the Christmas stocking. That is when the analytical gain from solving Windows problems for Microsoft is outweighed by what can be achieved by using it without said problems. So, whilst for many, Windows 7 might be the answer, for myself, it just means ‘software which is just less shitty’ or ‘as shitty in new ways’. I’ve just about had it with the privilege of paying for the opportunity to troubleshoot for Microsoft without getting paid for it about a decade now. I do, however, owe Microsoft a debt of gratitude for the opportunities it provided for my penchant for troubleshooting though. So, before long, I’ll be moving to Mac – in a month or so – which according to quite a few reliable sources, gives you more features for your bucks from time to time, as opposed to Windows which gives your different shit for your bucks from time to time - or putting it another way, Microsoft is really adept at innovating problems.

Sometimes I’m compelled by reason to wonder if those people out there using pirated versions of Windows 95 through to Windows Vista would actually be more aptly termed, ‘beta-testers’ of the ever-buggy WinDOS as opposed to Windows.