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Section 152 and the problem with Alfian's perspective

Said one ‘Alfian Sa’at’

“The tendency of any majority, if left unchecked, is towards tyranny. The tendency of any minority, if left unattended, is towards alienation. The presence of Section 152, a constitutional guarantee of minority protection, goes a long way towards alleviating the damaging forces of such vectors in our society. Far from undermining equality, Section 152 is an attempt to rectify asymmetries of power, to achieve parity, among those who are not born equal. It takes a particular form of genius to observe the reverse.”

When triangulated with a host of other factors, Section 152 can serve as a 'figurehead' of a phenomenon that enables the continuation of other policies and perspectives that are biased to remain unchecked. One could hence say that this section serves as a 'subsidy' of sorts that helps alleviate the discomfort of being marginalised in other respects in view of their impending incorporation into their 'rightful' place in society.

This oversight by the writer serves to sedate the masses in preparation for the final conclusion and may hence be appreciated as part of the problem which it purports to address. Maintaining the status quo amongst one group, whilst doing one’s utmost to enhance the self-efficacy of another, renders the former a conduit for the latter. If it was intentional on Alfian's part, I would say it is a highly intelligent ploy. But if not, then perhaps he is just a victim of the status quo that blinds him to the bigger picture for preoccupation with the here-and-now. But then again, he might just be meaning the inverse. But such ambiguity is dispensable given the unambiguous nature of a reality that is fast evolving into a grossly fascist one.

However, I’m in agreement with quite a bit of what he said prior to the final paragraph (above). But if the final paragraph was not supposed to be an attempt at irony, then that renders his article akin to a sedative being applied prior to execution.




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