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From WinDOS to Imac 27inch - first impressions

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Well, I just moved from Windows to the Mac a week ago. Got a 27incher from 'Macshop' at Funan Centre for $3417sgd. My first impressions?

Of course, for most, the screen size has a 'wow factor'. But for myself, that can serve to distract you from the features or variables that matter. First off, what impressed me was the 'stability' which i've been hearing about for more than a decade that is quite the constant in Macs when compared to Windows. I can certainly confirm that. I am not faced with the jitters, shudders, tremors, freezes, hangs, etc, that i've had to put up with Microsoft's piracy-inducing rubbish OSs that i've been purchasing since '95 through to Vista. Well, i would say that Windows Vista certainly opened up a new Vista alright, that is, that it provided me with a view that forced me to consider the Mac alternative.

I wouldn't say that the Imac is a perfect system. I've had two system 'hangs' so far in the past week that required me to manually restart the system with the on/off button, but that was largely due to external software installations that weren't Mac-produced - VLC media player, and accessing Yahoo email. With Windows, the 'hangs' can occur as and well it feels like it, and i get the impression that what Windows is good at is 'Innovating Problems' as opposed to giving you better features with subsequent 'upgrades'. Given that, i think it is nothing short of piracy for Windows to charge about $550 for what might aptly be named, the latest Windows 1.7 (as opposed to 'Windows 7') when Apple charges $48 for their latest 'Snow Leopard'.

All in all, I believe that the Mac is great, in no small part, to it being a world of mutually compatible software produced by the same company and with third-party software being given extra care in production perhaps. But overall, i would say that i experience speed, fluidity, and stability that i've never encountered with any Windows OS even after a clean, fresh, and first-time install. Everything pops-up almost instantly, everything seems to be extremely logically organised, few clicks are required to get things done, and generally, the aesthetics certainly makes it a pleasure to use.

As V stated after messing around with it for a while, "This computer really makes you want to do more with it!". Yes, certainly. The windows experience has always made me apprehensive about doing more with it as it groans and grunts whilst doing what it already does.

Specs: Quad Core 2.66 GHz, Intel Core i5, 8 gig ram, Ati Radeon 4850 512mb graphics card, magic wireless mouse, wireless keyboard.



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