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Are you a trekie? A foodie? A gamer? A techie? A sci-fanatic? A fan?

Why is it that when it comes to personal interests, we come up with a host of genres and sub-genres? (And to complement these, there are also ‘careers’ and familial roles.)

But where are the host of sub-genres when it comes to, say, ‘the citizen’? Yes, at best, most might profess their conservative/labour/fascist/green/republican/democrat/etc allegiances.

But to reiterate, where are the sub-genres and sub-sub-genres in these arenas? I dare say that this indicates the lack of depth or understanding of the intricacies of political life – which impacts on all others, yes, even ‘gaming’. And yet, when it comes to self-interests, we are a host of genres, sub-genres, and etc. This seems to illustrate gross self-absorption as opposed to the collective spiritedness. A very entertaining sort of alienation isn’t it. Makes one wonder how different things are from medieval times. At least then, a peasant was just a peasant, and could aspire to more. But what if we are inundated with a host of non-political identities and therefore seek not more in the political and intellectual arena since we are trained to be more than satiated by the former.

In fact, when we take the totality of genres and sub-genres by which we classify ourselves - and with 'gamers' it is far more with RPGs and ETC - and weigh them against our political genres and sub-genres, it is as if the former serves to depoliticise us by it being apolitical. So the political and collective, as opposed to the apolitical and self-absorbed, is basically diluted by a flood of the latter. And given that the inflow of the juvenile into the mainstream of consciousness as its leaders, and the immediate gratification delivered by ‘modern life’, it seems that civilisation is set to be a mile deep in everything but insight – and which relegates the idea of ‘the citizen’ the position of a sub-genre of the genre of 'an antiquated past'. That must be just about the 'final frontier' that few are going to consider given its less entertaining genre.




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