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TV experience in the UK : Grundig USB Digital TV Recorder

There are a few reasons why I opted for the Grundig USB Recorder over DVD recorders with built in hard-drives.

Firstly, I like its ability to ‘outsource’ storage with plug & play/transfer ease. By ‘outsourced’ storage, I’m referring to my ability to record a movie into a pen drive or external hard drive (up to 500 gb drives supported), and transfer it to my pc or larger hard drives with ease.

Too often, in the past, using my rubbish Sony dvd-recorder, I’ve found myself having to delete programmes recorded earlier, which I’ve yet to watch, to make way for latest shows. And if I wanted to store these movies, I would have to expend both time and cost to burn them on DVDs, and for my particular recorder, this would for some reason fail 4 out of 5 times whilst rendering the DVD unusable. And of course there is the question of the environmentally-friendliness of DVDs as well.

But not with the Grundig USB recorder which spares me all of the above frustrations, enables me to ‘playback’ the recorded programme on the telly – even whilst it is being recorded – at equivalent quality, or just watch it on my PC whilst the size of the (.mpg) file is about half of that of the Sony dvd-recorder.

Well, this is just great. My penchant for 70s and 80s music videos, movies and serials is now going to see external storage for viewing as and when. And given the loads of great 80s stuff they show on the telly here – besides contemporary ones – and given that non-cable television here is just about as good as ‘cable’ broadcasts in singapore, this recorder is going to come in most handy indeed. Kind of gets rid of the need to purchase DVDs given that one has to wait about a year before cable movies are broadcast on non-cable TV.

Alright, Mad Max : Beyond Thunderdome, is on now. Let me just grab my pen drive...



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