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Queen's 'Speech' or 'lip synch'?

‘What do you think of the Queen’s Speech’, went BBC’s question.

Frankly, I feel that question is quite the insult to one’s intelligence. That’s akin to asking a child what s/he thought of Kermit the Frog’s advice to eat her/is asparagus after a parent had used the former as a sock-puppet to push for the latter.

But that goes on all the time doesn’t it. There are ‘stars’ representing humanity in the UN, Joinred’s attempt to boost profits for corporations for a worthy cause, etc, whilst the true professional humanitarians are cast aside in favour of sock puppets for a juvenile mass of ‘fans’. So is the ‘Queen’s Speech’ any different.

‘Queen’s lip synch’ sounds more apt. One thing you can be sure about, a people who need to be lip synched to, or do not deem anything amiss in it, also indicates the degree to which their own appreciation of reason in itself is compromised. Wonder how much of global problems that are, and is yet to be, are being exacerbated, or allowed to proceed without common cognizance, because of that.

This, amongst other significant instances, are one of the ways that people are taught not to appreciate reason in itself unless it is accompanied by fanfare and fairy lights. That just goes toward undermining the people's belief in their own significance, and which leads to them discounting significant produce emerging from themselves since they are not similarly lauded.

Personally, I’d prefer ole Kermit to the Queen to deliver the lip-synch. All you need to maintain the former is a lint-remover.




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