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Prole Fascism : How the Proles undo themselves via Prominence-Worship

Not only do people tend to flock to the prominent for information and insight, but it is only there that they afford the content thought enough for comment. I suppose in affording thought for the pronouncements of the prominent, in their subconscious minds, puts them, vicariously, on an equal footing with the prominent since they are thinking along the same lines, be it in support or opposition.

The entirety of this situation amounts to two processes of perspectival underdevelopment taking place simultaneously. Firstly, information and insight is sought generally from the prominent and all others are relatively discounted, and secondly, one cogitates only at the foot of the prominent. When this persists long enough, not only is humanity’s vision narrowed down the path set by the prominent few, but their own potentials to be the suppliers of significant and novel thought is itself garroted.

But what is unrealised by these people is that whilst the global elite take into consideration the data that is the entire mass of the world in the formulation of the means and methods for global domination, the masses give significant consideration only to the prominent. In this, the fascism, or mindless rallying around the prominent, practiced by the masses renders them vulnerable to the manipulation by the said elite as they have less information to work with given that information and insight is valued only when it spews forth from the prominent elite amongst them. It's ironic that this sort of self-inflicted fascism serves to ready them for consumption by the selfsame elite they purport to counter.




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