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OBE – Obfuscating British Evolution

“Veteran actress Sue Johnston will collect her OBE from the Queen at Buckingham Palace later.
The star said she was "delighted" and "honoured" when she was told about receiving the accolade in June.” [source]

I remember those days when models were thought to be ‘dumb’. Then, to render the profession of wiggling one’s posterior respectable, models were also required to have degrees. I suppose, then, the pathway to being a model would mean that one would also have to undertake degrees and have intelligent opinions about the beef used in burgers or the number of toes in a carbon footprint so as to value their profession by association with those who thought for a living. This rendered the promoted notion of ‘beauty’ immune to critique by more intelligent minds since they were supposed to be as intelligent.

So I suppose the time has finally come when OBEs and knighthoods awarded to social reformers and those whom have accomplished significant things despite the appetites of the masses would be for the purpose of rendering the OBE itself respectable. Ever since the idiot Lennon et al was awarded ‘knighthoods’ for singing a song of lyrical and insight-value that seems to be just a step or two above mother goose’s efforts, the value of these awards, along with those determining the awards-list and presenting it, has become increasingly suspect. When you pair the good with the bad, or the significant with the trite and trivial, all you’re going to end up with is the choice of the masses becoming the arbiters of good as opposed to good itself. And given that their sensibilities would have been significantly compromised through the obfuscation of value in the face of a podium being shared by a mother Theresa and a comedian, they wouldn’t truly be able to appreciate the distinction between the two. If I was to push the meaning of the acronym, OBE, further, I would say that it Obfuscates British Evolution to the point that it delivers an Obsequious British Empire.




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