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Lamenting the Rise of the Dumb Prole - Josh Ward’s 'T-Mobile Superband'

When I watched T-Mobile’s ‘sim-only plan for free texts' or something like that ad, and observed quite a number of people being brought together via ‘free texts’ to bang pots and pans and try their hand at being the next ‘band hero’, I wondered why when it comes to inane initiatives, the proles are left to take the lead whilst the significant ones are left to big wig organisations. (I view it as 'inane' not because it is inane in itself, but because significant initiatives are not similarly forthcoming from them, or pursued with as much vigour.)

How is this doing any favours for the prole who is going to increasingly pay attention to information in particular ways so that it might translate to more such ‘initiatives’ such as Josh Ward’s pot-banging circus. How we make sense of things and our relation to it is significantly determined by what we think we can do with what we pay attention to. If, personally, we are going to leave the great and earth-shaking ideas, whether we are cognizant of its resonance or not, to the .orgs then we are certainly going to utilise a very different set of formulae for determining what we pay attention to and what we do with it. That simply deprives humanity of far more ideas and evolutionary development than it takes to produce the next edition of a rubbish OS.

These proles are really giving it to themselves with these let’s-get-together-and-kick-up-a-ruckus gigs or let’s-get-together-at-lunchtime-and-cluck-like-chickens flash-mob style. I shudder at what the children of the future are going to be born into as society will certainly be bereft of the host of perspectives and creations that can only come forth from a people who have been taught to respect themselves enough so as to be the source of significant initiatives as opposed to a source of attention and compliance.

Well, I bet Josh is thrilled. He ought to be. It is not often that one can garner so much attention and enthusiasm for doing so little, and in effect, allowing the mass of proles to confuse little for so much. Or is it?




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