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ICANN's Multilingual move - does it play into the hands of the Fascist Clans?

"The internet regulator Icann has approved plans to let web addresses be written in non-Latin characters – such as Mandarin, Arabic, Hindu or Russian Cyrillic script – that it says represents the "biggest change" to how it works since its invention 40 years ago." The Guardian

I’m certainly not a Eurocentrist, in many respects, but not all. Well, let’s just say that I’m a reason-centrist, and am appealed to by reason whatever its national/ethnic/gender/class/waist-size/etc origins. People who allege that others are 'eurocentric' the moment they reach for the Oxford Book of English Verse, even if it is for the purpose of serving as a paperweight, are usually those whom define themselves along similar lines and hence cannot make sense of any non-local interest without deeming it as equally biased . However, I have mixed feelings about Icann’s plans to let web addresses to be written in non-Latin characters.

On the one hand, for some parts of the globe that has suffered a colonial and post-colonial battering so as to found its inferiority complex-induced assimilation, it might serve to render them more thoughtful stewards of their respective cultures given the western hegemony-compromising boost of Icann's multilingual/cultural approach. With an increased respect for local cultures, it might see its greater development and serve to stem the tide of indiscriminate assimilation to the west. With that, we could see increased cultural development, and in tandem, its practitioners will be able to afford others across the globe a relatively well-developed and unique take on things.

However, in other parts of the world, such as the ‘asian democratic’ or ‘confucian’ east for instance, this can only serve to encourage an already overly-amplified cultural introversion and fuel existing fascist tendencies. Many already have a ‘we are we and the west is the west’ approach to reality and which leads to some of their allegedly ‘bright’ and ‘great intellectual’ minds such as Kishore Mahbubhani and other non-goosestepping but equally regimented people to deem those who agitate for human rights and democracy, by implication or outright allegation, as ‘devotees of western values’. Give such cretinous perspectives, and web addresses in their ‘own’ lingo, its going serve as a ‘Great (fire)Wall’ to maintain their perspectival and exclusionary integrity. And it might even serve as a culturally-validating form of censorship as well and aid in the maintenance of a culturally introverted status quo by encouraging cultural inbreeding at a popular level - which is already receiving quite the boost without ICANN's help.

As I’ve been saying for quite some time, if the west wasn’t too busy turning the culturally-magnanimous cheek to compensate for its bigotry in the colonial era levelled at otro mundo via the sabre and musket, and applied socio-psychological scientific objectivity to the study of cultures and the tendencies emerging therefrom, as they do with the family and work unit, amongst others, they would realise that this move by ICANN will come at the price of amplifying the bestial in the fascist beasts loitering with exclusive intent in seemingly ‘exotic’ parts of the world.

Let’s not forget that for some, a validation of their culture does not serve as evidence and validation of the empathetic value of multiculturalism, but the superiority of their culture despite all. Learning their language, for instance, is deemed to be proof of the ‘greatness of their culture, heritage and language’ and not as a global effort to circumvent their linguistic deficiencies for the purpose of rendering the flight of capital fluid.

Whilst ‘call centres’ can be outsourced to India, why isn’t that the case with China? I'm not concerned about the effect of ICANN's multilingual approach when it comes to India as it will generally enrich India's already difference-rich multicultural pantheon - though the fascist Hindutva movement must certainly be watched with arms akimbo. But when it comes to age-old 'one way or the highway' states and cultures, the inverse will very likely be true. On the one hand, they will be reveling in their greatness given western validation, on the other, they will be thus motivated to further spurn ‘westernisation’ and brand all those whom are appealed to by reason of non-local origins as ‘western devotees’. In this, the wholly un-asian and un-democratic 'asian democratic' movement, amongst others, will further be able to contradistinguish and maintain the status quo.

But should we champion ‘Eurocentrism’ just because of the fascist tendencies it's going to encourage? No. At least, at the end of the day, our right intentions will serve as the battlements in the face of fascism and we could say that we weren’t a part of the problem. Rather, it could very plausibly be said that others had abused the solution. Doing the right thing these days, seems to be an effort, not to ‘do the right thing’, but to remain ‘blameless’. I just wonder how much blame that places at our doorstep in the future.




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