China Plans for Humanoid Olympics? Oh, the irony of it all.

"China is planning to hold a robot Olympics in 2010.

The international event will be held in the city of Harbin and will see robots take part in 16 different events.

Robots will be able to compete in familiar Olympic sports such as athletics as well as those more suited to machines such as cleaning." [source]

Given the highly-conformist and regimented nurtured Legalist/Confucian nature of the population after a couple of millennia being practiced into the art of subservience by an oppressive state where people have been forcibly accustomed to doing as they’re told, I’m couldn’t help shaking my head at the irony of China’s intentions to host the world’s first ‘humanoid olympics’.

What I’m wondering now is if its population will be allowed to take part.


I suppose that's the problem with fascism. If left unaddressed long enough, we'll be forced to respect its consequences as the 'culture of another' and thus perpetuate the victimisation of its practitioners by their state and compromise our own ability to appreciate the distinction between fascism and non-fascism for the term, 'culture'. I've often wondered how that disables our ability to protect ourselves from its advance in our own milieu.