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Why We Must Stop the BNP in their tracks

The problem is, when we appeal to the ‘cultural sense’ and ‘pride’ of a people for the purpose of creating a ‘shared identity’ – insofar as that cultural sense is not inclusive in its core – and promote it over ‘others’ on the basis of ‘respecting and being proud of one’s culture’, we turn fascism itself into a culture wherein ‘heritage’ is interned. And the culture that is afforded a renaissance through these means will itself serve as evidence of the value of an overarching fascist and exclusive facebook-style view of things. In that, others might be more inclined to do similarly with their own cultures and all societies can began to culturally implode in a domino effect.

Stopping Griffin and his swastika-d hordes in their tracks will prevent this malaise from affecting nations all across the globe and others will have less reason to look to ‘their own’ because they have none other to be a part of or have as a part. I have seen how this is increasingly the case in s.e.Asia (i.e. malaysia, singapore, china) and how this disease can attain pandemic proportions when everyone begins to culturally individuate in the face of, and as a defence against, a similar stance by others. I’ve often heard, for instance, numerous Chinese in singapore imply that there is nothing wrong with racism since, ‘everywhere also like that’. To allow Griffin to do what he intends is to found the basis upon which people all across the European hemisphere might one day likewise state, albeit in better English or in ‘foreign tongues’.




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