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On the case of the London Jewish Free School

[As a2ed is currently ‘moderated’ on The Guardian since taking issue with Michelle Goldberg’s Zionist/fascist views. Comments posted in The Guardian, most of which aren’t approved anymore, will be published here.]

Said, Simon Jenkins, with regards to the issue of barring a child from a school on ethnic grounds, says,

In the case currently before the court, a 13-year-old applicant to the JFS had an Orthodox Jewish father and worshipped at an Orthodox synagogue. His mother thought she was Jewish, but only by conversion at a non-Orthodox ceremony. This made the son not Jewish enough for a school place, in the eyes of the JFS.(source)

Yes, I do agree with Simon in that ethnicity ought never to be an issue.

If ethnicity is linked to faith or culture, it is not because it is divinely ordained that it be so, but because relatively insulated histories caused such an association. Just as said insulated histories caused such associations, a multicultural milieu, such as the UK, ought to be allowed to influence the continued evolution and redefinition of ethnicity and culture just as its prior milieu had done.



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