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Obama's Nobel Prize : Obama the Han?

So Barack Obama has been awarded the nobel peace prize for ‘his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples"

My first thought - that’s like awarding the Han Dynasty the said prize for toning down the harsh methods utilised by the preceding ‘book-burning and scholar burying’ Qin Dynasty so that it could continue with, and perpetuate, the overarching fascist perspectives of the former via relative ‘benevolence’.

What is lost at one time serves as the foundations upon which we will make sense of gain with the persona we are left with in the following era. The question I’m forced to ask is, what have we been reduced to via the perspectival losses incurred in the ongoing American century that leads us to view as 'gain enough' to award an American president a nobel peace prize?

Would Marie Antoinette be awarded a nobel peace prize for improving diplomacy and cooperation between the aristos and peasants? Ought Obama to be given an award for undoing a modicum of the mess American administrations have created over decades, or sweeping up the debris post-reconstruction in the American elite's favour? Isn't this yet another Han-like effort to put on a benevolent face after the achievements of the past have been delivered via harsh methods that disqualified past administrations from the nobel peace prize? Giving Obama the said prize serves to whitewash the overarching system wherein humanity is interned. This, to myself, sounds like yet another modernist move to justify the system via accolades to those whom attempt to renovate the existing superstructure to serve as a buffer against the efforts of those whom attempt to question it from the cornerstone up.

These and other thoughts and questions race through my mind, and I’m inclined to dismiss the value of the nobel peace prize award just as those whom returned their knighthoods when the Beatles went on bended knee before the queen, or when the fascist state of China was allowed to host the Olympics.




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