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In support of, and designed for, F.I.T. (Forward Intelligence Team) Watch

F.I.T. Watch is a movement dedicated to protecting the right to peaceful protests from police surveillance of protestors directed by the underlying view of participants as 'domestic extremists'.

Read the manifesto at F.I.T. Watch.

The above 'logo' comprises a Custodian, or Centurion helmet, aka, 'Bobby's helmet', with a superimposed magnifying glass to illustrate scrutiny of public 'custodians'. The magnified image in contrasting white within the magnifier represents the police under scrutiny in the 'clear light of day'.

[The above is a 'png-24' image and can be placed on background of any colour, except black, without aesthetic conflict. For one that goes with a black background, click 'more'.]

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  1. Unbelieveable - I especially like the S.W.A.T. team nervously standing by as the woman and her baby in a stroller walk past. I mean, seriously. I'm at least glad to see people willing to protest instead of drooling on their couches every day.

    I do have some sympathy for the authorities - have you seen how people in the States are behaving these days? It only takes seconds for some unstable freak to pull out a homemade bomb or set something on fire. But the crowd should be allowed to protest as long as they remain peaceful.

    Still wondering why right-wingers are allowed to bring guns to town halls with no consequences, though.

  2. The brown shirts started with arrests, beatings and broken windows before they began the extermination. It's a gradual process to build the police state. And the police are well known for agent provocateurism whenever they feel the need to crack down on peaceful protests. Here in Amerika, we have the "freedom zones" to protest in. You get to protest at an "acceptable distance" from where the actual crimes (G7-G20, Wall Street, etc) are taking place

  3. Love it - we'd put it up on the blog, but I think we may keep it for our revamped FITwatch website which is on the way!

    Thanks, loads,


  4. You're welcome 'Really Fit',

    Glad to be of service to a laudable organisation such as FITWATCH.


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