In Defense of the BNP, Nick Griffin & Fascism

It’s not just about the colour of one’s skin is it. It’s about culture.

Not so much about the culture of the ‘other’, but one’s own culture isn’t it. Let’s not talk about racism, discrimination, and whatnot. Let’s just focus on respect and preserving what we respect in honour of those whom had built that which demands nothing less than respect.

Let’s talk about respecting those who came before us. Let’s talk about respecting our forefathers. ‘Forefathers’ mind you! Without them, we wouldn’t be here. Don’t we owe them to respect the cultural conduits via which the present was delivered. Do we not maintain the graves of those whom came before us. Do we not honour our war dead? Do we not ensure that our monuments are not eroded by pigeon excrement?

And should we not care about the descendants of all whom contributed to this milieu wherein we thrive? Should we not accord respect to the children whose fathers fought in battlefields past and shared a fire thereafter whilst comparing the size of the wounds they suffered out of love for us? Isn’t this all about respect. So let’s not talk about kicking out those whom aren’t one of us. Let’s just talk about respecting the artistic, economic, cultural progeny of our forefathers. Let’s give it the utmost respect and see that it’s memory is honoured by its continued replication in the present and future. So it’s not that we shouldn’t respect other cultures and races. It’s about respecting our own. It’s about empathising with our own. It’s about loving our own. Hence, it is all about preferring our own. For without the notion of ‘our own’, those who came before us wouldn’t have done as much would they. If we can have such preference when it comes to food, or clothing, and the way we fashion our homes, ought we not to respect such preference when it comes to more meaningful things such as the culture and people whom had cradled us through the ages.

Thus spake the Angle and Jute and Saxon and Viking and……

…hence, we still live the way we always did and have yet to dream of planes and skyscrapers and ipods and globalisation and the internet and television and bifocals and hearing aids and …

…all out of respect for the achievements of our forefathers, and in honour of which we accord nothing less than preferential love and respect and empathy for all whom are descendants of our past, by replicating the past in the present and future and doing our best with the little we thus have for want of the much we could have gained by including others as the forefathers of the children of the morrow.

Now isn’t this the kind of love that is worthy of respect, given that we are willing to do without all that we have yet to be able to imagine for want of integration with those whom aren’t a part of our past?