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In answer to Nick Griffin’s ‘ethnic cleansing’ and 'lynch mob' remark

“As for London being ‘ethnically cleansed’, I’m all for ‘ethnic cleansing’ where one is freed from viewing one’s ethnicity as of any consequence when it comes to the objective appreciation of any culture of non-fascist persona. ~ a2ed

"That was not a genuine Question Time; that was a lynch mob," Griffin told Sky News.

Nick Griffin said today he was the victim of a "lynch mob" audience drawn from a city that had been "ethnically cleansed" and was "no longer British".”

“He also said that he wanted to challenge justice secretary Jack Straw, who was on last night's panel, to a one-to-one debate on the issues of the day, and called on David Cameron to disassociate himself from the protests outside BBC Television Centre where the programme was recorded.”

It’s all too obvious what Griffin intends here. He aims to appeal to what might be termed, ‘familial pragmatism’ (a term borne of study of Legalist/Confucian culture) – appealing to the immediate interests of the family unit in economic terms – so that empathy is contracted enough to enable the family unit to think of no other but itself. The contraction of empathy is one of the main foundational strategies of fascist parties as it serves as the basis for the realisation of the rest of their agenda. The said agenda is that of mobilising the nation to take pride in culture and leave politics in the tentacles of the ‘professionals’ as opposed to it being pliable in the hands of open-eyed, cosmopolitan and empathetic citizens – which always compromises any party’s aim toward political longevity. Fascists like Griffin forward a hierarchy of needs to the public, focus their attention on its pinnacle which is oftentimes occupied by familial and self-interests, and from there, develop a new definition for ‘pragmatism’.

One could say that fascism is bourgeois socialist in spirit as it serves and aims to maintain the class hierarchy whilst directing the need for mass self-validation to mere cultural pride and in opposition or condescension in the face of different others. In the longer run, successful fascism will have completely associated the ‘preferred race’ with an elite-aggrandizing-cum-empowering scheme of things that will thereafter be recognised and respected as ‘culture’. Thereafter, all critique will be forestalled as ‘inciting racial hatred’, ‘being insensitive to culture’ or simply ‘racist’.


Fascism doesn’t require a ‘lynch mob’ as Griffin puts it. It just requires empathy to confront it, and thereafter, it is the fascist who puts his head in the noose and is borne down by the weight of her/is own insensible beliefs.

aside: Thank the Gods that the BNP is not the ruling party, if not, unlike some fascist states, it is the empathetic who will be hung, drawn and quartered.

As for London being ‘ethnically cleansed’, I’m all for ‘ethnic cleansing’ where one is freed from viewing one’s ethnicity as of any consequence when it comes to the objective appreciation of any culture of non-fascist persona.

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