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I'm a PC, and WINDOWS 7 was also MAC's Idea

So some are saying that Windows 7 ‘borrowed’ the look of Mac.[bbc] I’m sure the fanboys and gals of Mac will be whinnying about how the inferior ‘Windows’ can’t advance without peeking under the cassock of the Mac, or, in this case, over the habits of Mac-users. So maybe that would mean that Windows 7 isn’t just the idea of those idiotic ‘I’m a PCs’ out there.

But then again, since when is ‘Mac’ ‘Mac’s’ idea? Isn’t it the creation of the staff of Apple, AND, millions of ideas generated by computer users, be they Windows or Macs users? It all comes down to the common and collective production of ideas that are appropriated by what are in effect, 2 departments of the selfsame operating systems company that create false competition by not bothering with most of the ideas that are produced so that some of them can be included in the next OS x y & z and Windows 7 to 7.9.

So what we have here are 2 versions of one OS. An ‘economy’ or ‘value’ version, that is Windows, and another that doesn’t splutter, crackle and pop as and when it feels like it. With the former comes cheaper hardware, and with the latter, exorbitantly priced ones. When you put it together, you get a 100% of computer uses – save Linux et al users – being screwed all of the time. I’m not saying that there is some secret conspiracy between Jobs and Gates, just that when we look at the consequences and its impact on computer users and their pockets, it might as well be.

And who says corporations and governments respect intellectual property. Nonsense. They protect the acquisition of IP by corporations, etc, as they don’t have to pay you royalties when they fire you even though they are still making money from your ideas. All IP rights are given up upon employment for fear of starvation mate. And let’s not forget those idiots starring in the ridiculous, ‘Hi! I’m a PC, and Windows 7 was my idea’ ads, it may be ‘their’ idea, but guess who’s laughing his way to the bank after getting you to pay for what might very well be version 1.7 of windows as opposed to 7 because 98.3% of the ideas supplied by people have been shelved for the next version of Windows. And by the way, is it just I who thinks that the essential definition of ‘piracy’ refers to the earning of more than a justifiable amount for product x?




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