Fascist BNP's Nick Griffin on Question Time [video]

This series of videos is recommended for all whom claim or aspire to being empathetic - with regards to race relations and integration. It is too easy to claim to be 'democrats' but not as simple to be aware of how one might be fascist especially when such a condition has served as the overarching milieu wherein one was reared. There is, if truth be told, a great difference between accepting others as 'minorities' and integrating with others as 'equals'. The former is of fascist inclination, and the latter is not. And if the latter is true in singapore, much of the policies and perspectives that has now taken root amongst the people will not be.

I cannot but notice how the 'whites' in this video series vigorously clap and cheer in support of egalitarian multiculturalism whilst in some states, many simply turn the apathetic cheek with a 'majority what!' to discount all arguments for egalitarian multiculturalism. It evidences that fascism has taken root in the soul of the nation. Hence, to the 'democrats of the fascist left' and to the members of the 'fascist right' in fascist states, it's time for some critical introspection and an appreciation of the fascist perspectival 'centre' from whence both take its meaning. The fools may cower behind the argument, 'that is the west and we are we'. But till these people can prove that bigotry ceases to be bigotry upon one's crossing the international dateline, that cannot but be perceived as a nonsensical fascist argument of neo-nazi persuasion.

It's prudential to err on the side of caution and assume the existence of fascism amongst us for the purpose of critical intro/extrospection, than to presume ourselves democrats and allow our oversights to serve as a conduit for the reinforcement of fascism of past times in the present.

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  1. This A true eye - opener. The good thing about the British System is, they discuss everything in the open. To let the people decide for themselves.

  2. I would say that people in singapore do indeed decide things for themselves - except that this comes after its Confucian/Legalist government had trained them to leave the most significant decisions in governmental hands of course.

    Well, this process was made simpler as all that had to be done was to re-associate its 'chinese' population with the culture of china and you get a population that confuses the 'kow tow' for 'being upstanding' - thus 'asian democracy'. It was a simple case of ripping out the potentially multicultural 'singaporean' from those of chinese biological ancestry and putting the 'china' in its place.

    Hence, today, decisions generally dwell between which shopping centre or eatery to go to, or which investment would bode well for the growth of one's 'nest egg' so that the government may be relieved of giving back what they took - a generally chinese, and not 'singaporean', approach to life.

    As the saying goes, every people get the government they deserve, and in the case of singapore, its herd, through force and cultural pride, has been well-trained to not desire anything more than that which they thus deserve.


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