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Application to BritishBlogs and a conscientious redesign of the BritishBlogs button

I have just applied to be listed in the ‘’ site. As part of the application procedure, one is asked to include the ‘Britishblogs’ button on one’s site.

However, upon doing as requested, I realised that the English flag was placed first – if ‘first’ and ‘last’ position is determined by a left-to-right reading. It could also be interpreted as prominence being given to the two centre flags – Welsh, Scottish. But this can still be argued as being compromised by the former, and especially since this is complemented by the English flag being, again, the first amongst the four in the flag-specific buttons following it.

According to this site’s integrationist perspective, the most prominent, be it due to ethnic ‘majority’, historical political dominance, cultural hegemony, amongst others, must come last to promote the notion that significance is to be derived from being a part of a whole as opposed to historical and superficial variables that can serve to undervalue communities and perspectives by virtue of their being ‘lesser’ in significance in view of the aforementioned factors. It is only in this integrationist approach that the blinkering legacy of a non-egalitarian and fragmented past can be halted in its debilitating influence on the present and future. The war for conscious minds has as its first and most significant front in the realm of the subconscious.

Hence, this site has relocated the images in the button to reflect the said integrationist perspective. Too bad 'BritishBlogs' didn't think of this themselves, especially since such a presentation would certainly go down well with the BNP.

And as far as I know, this site has not been listed on BritishBlogs.




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