I, Lesbian…and the meaning of a Transvestriarchal society

Within a Transvestriarchal context, we can began to understand the publicly prominent surge of Lesbianism. It could very well be a desperate attempt to seek out women for companions since the feminist movement has done a poor job in teaching men to be like women.

So ed says to all men out there with elongated clitorises, or women with non-elongated penises, it’s time to afford the feminist movement a major rethink.

Yes. I’m finally ‘coming out’. I’m ‘gay’, or specifically, Lesbian.

Whilst some might put down the increase, or at least, prominent preponderance of lesbians to genetics, freedom of choice, and so on, and whilst I would not disagree too much with these causes, I also put it down to a reaction emerging from the failure of the Feminist movement – which I deem to be, in part, a movement headed by women in drag.

Firstly, I bemoan how the Feminist movement traded its femininity for inclusion. I am all for voting rights, equality and et cetera. But when it was implied that I was a male chauvinist for not thinking it appropriate for women to swear, downing as many pints as their Neanderthal halves, and being as sexually promiscuous as men, amongst others, I ejaculated with an, ‘Oi! The rights of women ought not to be focused on how they can be like men, but how men ought to be taught to be like women.’ In efforts to show that we can be as good as another under discriminatory conditions, it frequently amounts to us having to prove that we can be better than the bigots. In the case of gaining equality with men, that amounts to being worse than them doesn’t it? You see, in the quest for inclusion, we must be sceptical about what we are hoping to be included in. For instance, to be included in a patriarchal system is to seek to paradoxically embrace the bigoted ethos that founds such a system whilst compromising one specific sex-based manifestation of bigotry. That serves less to eradicate an evil as opposed to refining it via our incorporation into it. The overarching system of bigotry, be it based on nationalist, capitalist, cultural, etc, sentiments is maintained. And henceforth, women end up becoming as bad as men with an expanded source of exploitation – women.

For instance, the ‘girl power’ movement with its Madonnas and Spice Girls is basically a masculine movement in drag as it reduces everyone to their arrogant and sexual denominator. And isn’t the arrogance the means by which women were reduced to mere sexual and reproductive properties in an allegedly patriarchal ‘past’? Except, in the present, it is women whom are taking the helm in the presentation and reduction of their own sex. So, its not ‘exploitation’ anymore because we are confidently 'booty-bouncing' in the face of men whom have no legal and traditional right to do as they wish with us women. And now it is women critiquing the physical attributes of men and their related prowess – signalling that men have largely been reduced to a ‘thing’ for their use by women incorporated into a transvestriarchal scheme of things (with women being women in form but having penile in perspective). In essence, and in this, amongst others, may be found the evidence of the feminist movement’s subversion by the male-within the woman, and which is simultaneously a corollary of the feminist movement having unwittingly sought incorporation as opposed to egalitarian appreciation of their historically developed empathetic traits. In other words, women appealed to common empathy so that they might be included in a generic and apathetic male scheme of things – and which ed officially terms as a transvestriarchal society.

So with the increasing success of this movement, phrases such as ‘my (female) boss is such a bitch!’, ‘that bitch is so arrogant and full of herself’, ‘that woman is such a bitch on road’, ‘that women is such a slapper/slag/whore/etc’, take its meaning. When a man says that, it is a simple attempt to distinguish and exonerate men when they engage in such behaviour, and an attempt to claim a monopoly over the traditional and patriarchal right to be a ‘bitch’. One has to be a women and exhibit male traits in order to qualify to be ‘bitch’. Thus is how the traditional male right to such traits is claimed. But what does the ‘bitch’ of a woman evidence about the ‘modern woman’ and the feminist movement as a whole?

Within a Transvestriarchal society, we can began to understand the publicly prominent surge of Lesbianism. It could very well be a desperate attempt to seek out women for companions since the feminist movement has done a poor job in teaching men to be like women. And how do we make sense of their homosexual male counterparts in this scenario? Perhaps, these are men whom might be quite high in feminine traits – subtracting the population in male prisons where the motivation might be ‘dominance’ in the face of the ‘weak’, and the later of whom therefore take the role of the traditional ‘woman’…and which therefore, and essentially, is ‘heterosexual’ – and hence do not seek out relationships with masculinised women, or lesbians, and hence turn to other homosexual men. Hence, much of this ‘gay’ thing might very well be a reaction against reactions against the consequences of a feminist movement gone awry.

So, perhaps, the lesbian and the male homosexual, as a totality, serves as the last bastion of womanhood given that feminine traits have been compromised in a world where women are seeking to be like men. Of course, people would like to think that they choose to be with other people as a matter of choice so as to avail themselves of the feel-good kick that comes with the illusion that we are moved by our own volition. And hence, they would not consider that given a feminist movement gone right in the past, their motivational constitution might very well be quite different. I’m not saying that the ‘gay’ movement is flawed. All I’m saying is that our choices aren’t being made under conditions brought about by the maximal feminine development of the ‘feminist’ movement. It is this that leads me to deem many female-male relationships as ‘homosexual’.

In this, also, the idea of the ‘feminist movement’ has been monopolised by its being a movement for women. And some men, whom have maintained their sexual heterosexuality, have learnt to become women in heterosexual relationships. Except that in this sense, they have just become another manifestation of the weaker side in a game of dominance over the weak – quite pronounced in societies where men have the additional masculinity-compromising disadvantage of having been thumbed-down in the political arena as well,i.e, some Chinese societies are good examples of this. As they can’t head a feminist movement by virtue of their being men, the historically patriarchal idea of dominance is maintained by a collusion between domineering/successful men, and women in drag. At best, if female traits are included in practice, it is twisted to go well with the male domineering and bigoted ethos. Hence, we see women become domineering ‘mothers’, ‘Iron Ladies’ and ‘bitches’, as opposed to empathetic ones in a socio-economic system that subjects empathy to the profit and power motive. In this, we see the final subjection of women to the male ethos by their being possessed by it as evidenced by ‘girl power’, which is synonymous with women occupying the previously male-occupied and top-down oppressive acropolis as opposed to tearing it down; women being presented as ‘Samurai Girls’ and kick-ass Angels; ‘Iron Ladies’ whom are as apathetically strong-willed as men; and so on an so forth.

It is within such a context that ed can come across as a male chauvinist for frowning upon women for exhibiting male traits.

So ed says to all men out there with elongated clitorises, or women with non-elongated penises, it’s time to afford the feminist movement a major rethink.

“Lesbians of the World Unite!”



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