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Index: Singapore's Fascist Opposition

on 'The Opposition'. A reply to an email

CMIO? I'd rather, OIMC

More on 'ethnic enclaves'. 'Donkeys' listen up.

TR, SG Bloggers, the Opposition & Immigration, for Dummies

Difference, not Discrimination, the cause for inter-communal strife?

Let's talk 'mother tongue', 'majority what', & 'whose SDP?'

The need for Oppositional Congruence and, perhaps, 'Foreign Talent' to run the 'Opposition'

The loss of a porker in the Chinese Zodiac

The Fascist monkeys of Temasek Review. Listen up.

Temasek Review goes, 'Sieg Heil!', again

"The well-coordinated simultaneous attacks on TR and TOC: Who, Why and What". Perhaps 'twas the TOC & TR


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Is singapore a tyranny, or are people to dumbed down to feel it?

The following is a consideration of the perspective posted at the site, 'article14'. The site, in discussing the so-called 'Black Sunday movement' whose members wear black and congregate at Starbucks - perhaps they have an unstated desire to boost Starbucks sales of overpriced beverages, or perhaps Starbucks is paying for their black garments...silly people - to express their support for the freedom of expression - brought up certain points that seem to be commonly held by the 'singaporeans' of today.

ed racially harassed by police at Changi Airport

Well, V (singaporean chinese girl working in the UK....and now back for the holidays) kept bugging the crap out of me to write about this here goes.

I arrived in singapore on the 15th of Jan in the evening via SQ with V.  I got to the baggage retrieval belt first and quite immediately got the attention of the customs police standing at the checkpoint near the entrance to the arrival hall.  Well, never mind. 

The Story