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Intelligence or Prosperity?

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Facebook as a tool of global assimilation?

Well, well, well. The pro-'Israel' FB has blocked my account yet again.

Free speech to these 'people' is only allowed if it doesn't challenge their western dominance.  FB is basically a eurocentric/Jewish means to assimilate all the peoples of the world to their way of 'thinking'.  It is already being complemented religiously by the, again, Jewish-controlled Hollywood, and the people of the world are pretty much outflanked again, as they were during Direct Colonial times.

The following comment of mine, is regarding 'two israeli missiles' striking an area near Damascus Airport.  I know that many post anti-'israeli' comments online, but i suspect that those who really argue their case with logic are the ones whom are deemed dangerous and hence kicked out.  This is not the first time for me.  And i'm certainly not being muzzled by these eurocentric jewish fascists either.

If you think about it, the more people get on FB, the more the kick…

On Jews being 'Intelligent'

I was talking to an acquaintance of mine when he remarked, "You're a Jew."  When i asked why, he said, "You're smart!  You're like a Jew!".

'No', said I.  I'm being Indian in being smart.  The Jews just made their intelligence relevant to the modern-western world, whilst the Indians are too busy aping the west and playing monkey to their organ-grinding-cum-wanking to realise that they could be as smart, or actually, smarter than the bulk of the Jews themselves.

Of course i didn't say all of that to him as he probably wouldn't have gotten it.  So i just said, 'no dei' (an indian term of address between friends....but deemed rude if used on strangers) "i'm indian, ergo smart".  Again, i didn't use the word 'ergo' as he wouldn't get it.  So it was "i'm indian therefore smart".

He, however, insisted that i was a 'Jew'.  The idiots in this country tend to think that insisting…

Manifesto Against Same-Sex Marriages and Homo-Promotion

My stand against homosexuality is based on the following.  It is a logical, rather than a personal, decision.

Under the slogan, 'the freedom to love', it in principle justifies incestuous, group, etc, marriages.  All it requires is 'consenting adults', without an inquiry into what it means to be an 'adult' in intelligent, moral, and introspective terms.

This in turn encourages a ‘go with your feel’ tendency, which in itself gives rise a myriad of tendencies that go unquestioned.  Right and wrong ceases to matter, and even if something is illegal, one can still view it as society just having its own bias against it, just as it once had a ‘bias’ against homosexuality.

‘Nothing is natural.  Everything is just a matter of preference.’  That is the basic thrust of this unfortunate situation.  In fact, having a preference is in itself seen as evidence of one’s intelligence.  No attention needs to be paid to intellectuals, thinkers, philosophers, sages, religious te…

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Does Islam Stifle Free Speech?

The Islamic faith has not been allowed to evolve with more open or contemporary times.

That's because western imperialism and its quest for cultural hegemony across the world incites a siege mentality amongst many, causing a polarisation and a self-defensive gravitation toward older norms and customs so as to distinguish and protect themselves from the west.

And besides this, the west, and much of the incorporated world, refuses to acknowledge that a people's consciousness of themselves as one does not need to be limited to the borders of the nation-state.

A nation does not only achieve corporeal form only when it has a seat in a United Nations that has not been structured to recognise nations that transcend borders.  People talk about India and China being the most populous nations on the planet, but fail to realise that Muslims are themselves a nation of similar numerousness.  Hence, the west does not understand how Muslims can empathise with each other as compatriots ev…

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