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Manifesto Against Same-Sex Marriages and Homo-Promotion

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Does Islam Stifle Free Speech?

The Islamic faith has not been allowed to evolve with more open or contemporary times.

That's because western imperialism and its quest for cultural hegemony across the world incites a siege mentality amongst many, causing a polarisation and a self-defensive gravitation toward older norms and customs so as to distinguish and protect themselves from the west.

And besides this, the west, and much of the incorporated world, refuses to acknowledge that a people's consciousness of themselves as one does not need to be limited to the borders of the nation-state.

A nation does not only achieve corporeal form only when it has a seat in a United Nations that has not been structured to recognise nations that transcend borders.  People talk about India and China being the most populous nations on the planet, but fail to realise that Muslims are themselves a nation of similar numerousness.  Hence, the west does not understand how Muslims can empathise with each other as compatriots ev…

Best the Path to No Return

A Warning on Movie-Warnings

Have you ever wondered about such 'Warnings' at the beginning of movies spewing out of the rectal regions of the west?  Maybe not.  Have you ever wondered about the subliminal influence of such 'Warnings'?  Probably not.

The subliminal trick in this 'warning' lies in, 'scenes that SOME viewers might find upsetting'.  Implied in this 'warning' is that if you find it upsetting, you're in a minority, and you're deficient in some way.  By using the word 'some', they are implying that these elements ought not to upset you as MOST aren't upset by it.

Implied in this 'warning' is that if you find it upsetting, you're in a minority, and you're deficient in some way.
There was a time when it would have upset most, if not all, people.  But with such 'warnings', people have been gradually coaxed into accepting that it is deficiency on their part that leads them to find it upsetting.

The problem with lots of mo…

Promoting Homosexuality to Children

What, pray tell, is wrong with the west, and in this context, the English people?

They are actually promoting homosexuality to children under the age of 8 for goodness sakes!  And they are doing it in the name of 'equality' and 'respect' for differences.

(On a sidenote, i wonder why Ofsted isn't demanding that Jewish school kids are taught about the equality that the Palestinians deserve.)

The west has taken on a ultra-weird spin on the idea of 'respecting differences'.  How about those who differ in thinking that homosexuality is normal eh?

What next?  Promoting incest, 3some, 4some marriages?  They too can argue that it is just their 'lifestyle', 'their choice', they 'arent' harming anyone', it's their 'freedom to love'.

How are you going to argue against that when you have opened up a Pandora's box of justifying marriage between people of the same gender which is purely unnatural?  The west, and its global…

on the ‘Objectivity’ of Homosexuality and the ‘Virtue’ of Perversity

Homosexuals aren't perverts.
It is perverse conditions that give rise to homosexuality. The ‘Virtue’ of Perversity Hence, I wouldn't discriminate against or marginalise perverts of any inclination as most are acting naturally as a corollary of particular perverse conditions that is not of their making. In fact, perverts are pre-endowed with a highly unique ability to think and feel out-of-the-box. You could even say that they are potential luminaries in a host of fields. The problem is that the fascist Eurocentric society as it stands today globally does not provide the avenues via which such uniqueness can express itself. Its only hope is to cull such vibrancy in people from childhood through consumerism, 'education', and celebrity-worship, and through popular mutual censorship amongst the people who will refuse to respond if one was to express anything that is not of common corporate-produced interest.  This, in addition to the growth of mutual alienation…