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A Warning on Movie-Warnings

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Promoting Homosexuality to Children

What, pray tell, is wrong with the west, and in this context, the English people?

They are actually promoting homosexuality to children under the age of 8 for goodness sakes!  And they are doing it in the name of 'equality' and 'respect' for differences.

(On a sidenote, i wonder why Ofsted isn't demanding that Jewish school kids are taught about the equality that the Palestinians deserve.)

The west has taken on a ultra-weird spin on the idea of 'respecting differences'.  How about those who differ in thinking that homosexuality is normal eh?

What next?  Promoting incest, 3some, 4some marriages?  They too can argue that it is just their 'lifestyle', 'their choice', they 'arent' harming anyone', it's their 'freedom to love'.

How are you going to argue against that when you have opened up a Pandora's box of justifying marriage between people of the same gender which is purely unnatural?  The west, and its global…

on the ‘Objectivity’ of Homosexuality and the ‘Virtue’ of Perversity

Homosexuals aren't perverts.
It is perverse conditions that give rise to homosexuality. The ‘Virtue’ of Perversity Hence, I wouldn't discriminate against or marginalise perverts of any inclination as most are acting naturally as a corollary of particular perverse conditions that is not of their making. In fact, perverts are pre-endowed with a highly unique ability to think and feel out-of-the-box. You could even say that they are potential luminaries in a host of fields. The problem is that the fascist Eurocentric society as it stands today globally does not provide the avenues via which such uniqueness can express itself. Its only hope is to cull such vibrancy in people from childhood through consumerism, 'education', and celebrity-worship, and through popular mutual censorship amongst the people who will refuse to respond if one was to express anything that is not of common corporate-produced interest.  This, in addition to the growth of mutual alienation…

Brexit, English Racism, and Rise in Hate-Crime

The spike in hate crime since the EU referendum has left some people frightened to leave their homes, the leader of Britain’s police chiefs has said.

Sara Thornton, chairwoman of the National Police Chiefs' Council, made the comments as she revealed the number of hate crime incidents reported to a national police portal since the vote has been five times the typical weekly level, new figures have revealed.

Between last Thursday and Wednesday this week, 331 incidents were reported to the police-funded True Vision, compared to the weekly average of 63 reports. All the incidents are under active investigation. - telegraph

The reason why this is happening is because the British, or more accurately, the English,  have never really had to face, or had impressed upon them what utter racist murdering and plundering people they were in their history that would make even Hitler a lesser evil in comparison.

They are still taught to worship a monarchy that is equivalent to the Third Reich in…

A More Accurate Determination of Headphones Neutrality from Frequency Response Graphs

This is my current way of studying headphones Frequency Response Graphs.

The first picture shows a comparison (from of the AKG K712 vs the K702. In that picture, we look at the zero line to determine the neutrality of the headphones, and the predominance of one frequency range over another, IN Relation to the zero line and IN Relation to each other.
Is that accurate? Is there are a more accurate way of determining the quality of a headphones? I've been considering this for a while....

Hence, now I'm considering determining the quality or neutrality (neutral sound without anything being too emphasised) of headphones IN Relation to a resituated zero-line that is placed 3-4 dbr down from the highest point or plateau of the bass-midrange curve on the left. And then, from there, we see the relation of the rest of the frequencies TO the plateau. I illustrate it in the latter two pictures with my own 'zero' line.

Of course, in this, we may not e…

The Con in Product-Model Variances

So AKG has just released another pro headphones - before you click away because you might not be interested in headphones, this is about more than that, and applicable to just about most products you buy these days.

Ok. First we have 'studio', then 'reference', then 'superior', now 'master' reference headphones.
What next? 'Premium', 'emperor', 'king of the world', 'guardians of the galaxy', headphones. I really marvel at this sort of sales strategy as it is a monumental con.
Whenever improvements are made, the new headphones should just replace the older model, and sold for the SAME price as the older model.
You know what I think. This is just a whole load of concrap. Like I was saying to a friend a couple of weeks ago - yes, I actually talk about such stuff in my offline life too now and then - when it comes to professional headphones, there is no need for higher and higher level or entry-level models. All…

Capitalism, Scams and Headphones

What you see in the picture illustrates a scam.  You may not be interested in Headphones, or  Frequency Response Graphs, but the principle here is cross applicable.  So just consider the following.

Let me keep it simple. AKG produced the k601 some years ago, with an MSRP of $300usd. Then, after a while, it discontinued it. You know why? Because the quality of these phones is similar to high end models now being sold at more than a thousand US dollars (click image above for a clearer view of the similarity between the $300usd k601 and the $2000usd Audeze LCD X).

So AKG realised that they were selling us real quality at a relatively low price with the K601. Now, even for the best AKG headphones, like the K712 or K812, the latter of which costs more than a thousand dollars (approx: $1500usd), you can't get the quality of the k601 in terms of frequency response curves. (click image below.  The $1500usd K812 is only slightly better only at the 1-3khz region.  But in the …