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What's the problem with the problem of EU migrants?

Osborne: "David Cameron and the Conservative Party
always put Britain's national interest first"
UK to seek immigration changes despite Merkel EU 'warning'

Mr Osborne said the British people wanted concerns about EU immigration and access to benefits addressed.
The German government has insisted the right of EU nationals to live and work in other member states is sacrosanct.
Angela Merkel has reportedly said she would rather see the UK leave the EU than allow a quota system for migrants. - bbc

On the issue of migration within the EU, I don’t see the problem.  Of course there is the immediate situation of the lack of jobs in the UK to cater to both EU migrants and locals.  However, this problem will dissipate as EU migrants get relatively rich off their stay in the UK. 

Over time, a lot of this money will get sent back to their home states to develop industries and skills, which will in turn enable their economies to take in British workers.  And this might be even more so the case as the (white) British, according to a few foreigners I’ve spoken to, ‘are polite but unfriendly....not welcoming....like strangers even though you work with them for a few years’.  Hence, given British aversion to being integrative and multicultural - though lots of theoretical lip-service is given to it - we could plausibly hope that many EU migrants will also leave, with the money they’ve made, and set up their own business, etc, etc, and develop their economy enough to cater to workers from Britain.

...this is just a period of the relatively richer states in the EU giving other members an economic leg up via opportunistic leg over. 
In the longer run, the development of the poorer states of the EU will give everyone in the EU more room to venture into, to work, to start businesses, and so on.

So this is just a period of the relatively richer states in the EU giving other members an economic leg up via opportunistic leg over.  In the longer run, the development of the poorer states of the EU will give everyone in the EU more room to venture into, to work, to start businesses, and so on.  Let’s not forget, also, that when migrants take what the UK has to offer, and input in their own perspectives and ideas borne of their own variable cultural experiences, we will see the emergence of industries, skills, outlook, etc, etc, that can be relatively quite unique, and hence, add on to the perspectival and industrial pool of the EU. 

As for the UK economy not being able to handle these foreign migrants, or their putting a strain on the services, that might just be a case of the wealth that these foreign migrants are generating not being channelled to bolster such services, and perhaps, being pocketed by the elite themselves.

All that said, as I had stated previously, my reservations on the existence of the exclusive EU on the basis that it is racist because it excludes the non-western world who supported western Europe, and the UK, when the latter colonised them and exploited them for hundreds of years. still stands.  Well, if the British weren’t so racist in this respect, many non-EU members of the planet might be able to flock in and give the economy a good boost so as to enable it to support the poorer sector of the EU as well.  Just to ensure that foreign migrants, whether they be from the EU or without, do not actually place a strain on benefits and services, these amenities can be accorded to foreigners in proportion to the contribution of the household to the economy via taxes. 


iPod Classic Discontinued....and that damn dumb consumer

I don’t know what’s wrong with people these days.  Am I the last of the cogitating individuals on the planet, I sometimes wonder.  No.  When corporations engage in piratical activities, I blame the people.  What message are the people sending these corporations that is enabling them to do as they do unto them?  That’s the problem with consumers*, as opposed to human beings.

Apple discontinued the iPod Classic?  Why?  Simple.  You are being charged more for the lesser-storaged iPod Touch than you are for the iPod Classic.  Why give you more for your money when they can give you less for more money.

Let’s talk figures here.  An iPod Classic goes for $490 usd on Amazon.com.  An iPod Touch goes for $300 usd.  An iPod Classic has 160gb.  An iPod Touch has 64gb.  So, you’re paying $3.06 per gig for the Classic, and $4.68 per gig for the Touch.  More for less. 

But it kind of makes sense doesn’t it.  More and more people are buying music from Apple’s iTunes store, which sells music at very low quality**, the highest being 256kbps (KiloBits Per Second).  So that doesn’t take up much space in your iPod.  So why give you so much space for less money compared to the proportionately higher priced iPod Touch?  At least, if they reduced the price of the Touch to match the Classic in terms of price per gigabyte, I wouldn’t mind it so much.  But they aren’t.  Just like when they took the optical drive away from the iMac but charged you the same price for it, whilst making more money by selling you ‘Cloud’ space.  

For myself, I like the iPod Classic for the simple reason that it has lots of space.  I am in the midst of ‘ripping’ my vinyl record collection into a digital higher-than-CD quality format for playback via my stereo and iPod.  But once my iPod conks out, I’m stuck with the iPod Touch that isn’t going to hold much of my digitised record collection. 

The logic is simple, profit margins can best be increased by giving the people lesser and lesser for more and more.  And the only way to do that is to make the people lesser and lesser to the point that they view little as good enough. 

And the best way to perpetuate this is to accustom the young to nothing more than memories of the present rather than the appreciation of a relatively more fair past

Parents, these days, are just midwives delivering a consumer to the corporation..

But that’s the thing about technology when led by profiteering pirates isn’t it.  The logic is simple, profit margins can best be increased by giving the people lesser and lesser for more and more.  And the only way to do that is to make the people lesser and lesser to the point that they view little as good enough.  And the most effective way is to accustom the young to nothing more than memories of the present rather than the appreciation of a relatively more fair past.  You might theoretically be able to do more with technology.  But the kind of technology that is produced is actually geared toward consumption of whatever the corporation spews out instead of what you can produce with it, or experience to the fullest.  Like tablets, it is mainly a consumption device.  You can’t do much with it in terms of production as you could with a desktop.  And with the discontinuation of the iPod Classic, you are going to experience more music but at a lower quality.  If people were really connoisseurs of music and quality, and are as so in many other meaningful ventures, this wouldn’t happen.  But, as I’ve said often, but never enough, society degenerates with the perspectival reduction of the young by the corporation.  Parents, these days, are just midwives delivering a consumer to the corporation. 

People might say, “hey ed, it’s just the iPod, what’s the big deal?”  What such people don’t get is that with every experience that is unjust, and which we engage in without even baulking because it is increasingly and widely fetishized, we are being more and more trained to lose our sense of justice.  Such a compromised sense affects every aspect of our lives from the seemingly innocuous to life and death issues.

It’s about time we nationalised Apple, amongst a host of others.


* We are certainly living in a Consumer Age, one of the gifts of western ‘civilisation’.  I don’t think much of western democracy these days.  It just seems to pave the way for the global dissemination of identities that reduces people to the point of making democracy nothing more than the right to consume the latest this-and-thats and be whatever the corporations, celebs, and elite, want you to be.  Not surprising, as the west doesn’t have much spirituality in their constitution, and hence, produce technobots in place of people.) 

** In case you’re wondering what that is, let me put it this way.  A CD holds music that is 1411kbps in quality.  All this kilobits represent audio information.  That is the quality of the sound that you hear.  Even in the simple sound produced by the tinkle of a triangle, there is tonal variation, graduation, variation in depth, etc.  When you hear the whole variation, it gives more pleasure than, say, hearing the dull thud of a rusty bicycle bell.  So with 256kbps, you are getting more of the latter than the former.  It's something like the difference between DVD and HD, for the ears.  The richness of the musical experience is reduced - not that there is much richness in much western pop music these days anyway, in terms of complexity, intricacy, depth, or anything.  Bubblegum music, that’s what it is.

Sinus-Infection Cure in 24 hours

Now, if you want to skip directly to The Cure, scroll down to ‘The Procedure’.  But I thought that I ought to write my experiences for the background so that one can see if the cure only works with a particular background, or how one or other factors might have influenced the maintenance of the problem, or just to let you know how bad it was and how easy it was to cure.


I was suffering from a pretty bad sinus infection for about a year, till 3 months ago when I cured it decisively.  Before curing myself, I first went through the usual route of going to the doctors, trying out a few alternative remedies I read about on the net, none of which worked.  I went to the doc’s in singapore, he prescribed me a week’s of pills (augmentin) and told me to come back if it didn’t work - he should have prescribed me at least a couple of weeks of medication considering that I had already had the condition for close to a year, but he obviously didn’t....so that he could collect more consultation fees when I returned for a re-prescription.  A chinese doctor, whose CONsultation consisted of, ‘oh, so it hasn’t gone off yet?  Ok, I’ll give you another week’s medication.‘   It worked!, for a week. And then it came back again.

Then I returned to the UK, and after the stifling pollution of singapore where the chinese are allowed to burn offerings to ancestors just about anywhere they want, whilst you can only smoke cigarettes at designated spots, my condition got even worse, and the ‘haze‘ from Indonesia that provided a thin veil of white over this sad state of affairs didn’t make things better.  So off to the doc’s again, this time in the UK.  No con-sultation fees here.   I was given a couple of weeks of pills - amoxicillin - and three months prescription for a nasal spray that was supposed to break down whatever swelling and build-up in the sinuses.  After finishing the pills.  It worked! For a week.  And then it came back again.

So now it was alternative therapy time.  I tried drinking Apple Cider Vinegar, used Neilmed nasal salt rinse, included a couple of drops of ACV in the rinse, and still used the nasal spray prescribed by the doctor.  A couple of months passed.  Sometimes it got better, sometimes it got bad, sometimes it got worse.  Neilmed was rubbish.  Cleaned, but it somehow couldn’t kill the infection.  And they were bloody over priced as well.  If you think about it, they send you salt sachets at a price where you can but many times more sea salt.  And if you try to buy their cheap containers on its own, they only sell them to you with a few sachets of salt and price it at 10 quid.  What?  10 quid a plastic bottle.  These are all almighty rip-off companies.  That’s capitalism for you.  They speak against piracy, but profit from it daily themselves.  But the bottle is a must-have, unless you can get your hands on an equivalent.


Then, one night, out of frustration, I tossed it all aside, took a teaspoon of Manuka Honey Factor +18, put it in the Neilmed nasal rinse container, filled it up with water, heated it till it was lukewarm, and used it.  Went to bed.  Next morning when I woke up, hmmm...very clear!  I had one nasal backflow at about noon,(that’s where you feel mucus going from your nose down the back of your throat...yucks) and it only had an extremely faint taste and smell of the usual sinus infection taste and smell.  And that was it!  It never came back.  I’m writing this 4 months later so as to ensure that this cure worked where all the pills from singapore to the UK, apple cider vinegar, breathing in concoctions of tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar, salt, etc, didn’t.

I’m kind of exaggerating here about the cure being effected within 24 hours.  So you think that it took longer right.  No.  It would be more accurate to say that the cure, or at least the cessation of ALL symptoms, took place within 12 hours. 

Now here’s The Procedure

1) Like mentioned above, you need a teaspoon of Manuka Honey.  I used factor 18 (+18).  Perhaps lower factors could work as well.  But I didn’t have lower ones at home so I just used the 18.  I did not use the Neilmed salt or any salt.

2) Secondly, I used mineral water to fill up the bottle.  Many have said that you should use distilled water.  I think they are right.  I couldn’t get my hands on one of those so I just used the mineral water.  Not sparkling of course. ;)  Make sure that the water is lukewarm.

i) I stuck the bottle up one nose, not too deep, as the inlet to the sinuses are actually just slightly inside the nose. 

ii) Pump gently whilst pressing the other nostril closed with your finger so that your sinuses can fill up with the concoction instead of it just going through one side and flowing out the other - like common sense does with most people these days. 

iii) Don’t pump too much as we don’t want the liquid to go to your ears.  When you sinuses are full, you’ll know it. I also moved my head side to side after filling up my sinuses so as to swish it about inside or to ensure that all corners are reached - don’t know if that was necessary, but I just did it. 

iv) After about 5 seconds, release the other nostril so that the concoction can flow out.  Then keep pumping at least half the bottle and let it just flow out without holding the other nostril. 

v) Repeat on the other side.

You could, if you want, use a whole bottle for one side and another for the other, the first time you do this so as the really whack the problem.  I did it three times a day for a week, then cut it down to two times a day for another week or so, and since then, it has been just once a day every night before bed.  It’s just a cleansing thing I do now.  But all symptoms ceased within 12 hours after this treatment. 

The problem is, we have become too dependent on western medicine.  It’s all a part of the fascist hold western cultural hegemony has over the minds of the global mass.  I’m not saying that we can’t learn anything from the west or western medicine.  But we need to do research into other cultural solutions to problems, medical or otherwise.  We have to realise that western medicine is largely driven by the quest for profit as much research and development is led by profit-greedy pharmaceutical and related companies.  And the people are too reliant on them and busy raising funds to pump more money into these industries so that they can get their cures in a 100 years instead of a 110 years...whilst squandering billions on their celebs, royalties, and economic elite.

From cures for cancer to HIV, or to the simple sinus infection, it’s all about what generates money, not cure.  If so, how is it that this cure I stumbled upon has eluded the multi-billion dollar industry.  Just know one thing.  If it is cheap, they aren’t going to bother.  Take that as your guide and venture out and be a pioneer where most, these days, just sleepwalk to the tune and rhythm of global and largely western-driven corporation.  Most good within a system of evil generally exists because it doesn’t significantly compromise evil. 

Keep well.


Homopromo and the problem with westerners

It is quite the rage in the west, and via the west, the world, to confuse the protection of  the right to engage in something with the normalcy of the activity itself.

Right.  So we have some idiots beating up homosexuals, or homosexuals being discriminated against in employment, or in the army, amongst others.  So westerners get together and call for an end to such persecution and discrimination.  And rightly so. 


But they have confused the right to not be harassed and discriminated, and the right to do what you want so long as it doesn’t affect the interests of others, with the promotion of that which is discriminated against. 

It is quite a dilemma, I have to admit.  How do we fight against discrimination against homosexuals without presenting homosexuality as normal?  Or putting it another way, why should we fight against discrimination against homosexuality by presenting homosexuality as normal?  It’s as if, if something is abnormal, it is alright to discriminate against it, and hence, to deter discrimination against it, we have to promote it as normal.

In such a situation, we have to remember that we should be simply focusing on the right to not be discriminated against, or persecuted, or beaten up, for our tendencies.  That’s it.  We shouldn’t be saying, ‘hey, you can’t beat that homosexual up because it is normal to be homosexual.’  Rather, we should be saying, ‘hey you can’t beat that homosexual up whether what s/he does is normal or not.’ 

If we take that former stance, we’ll just end up promoting homosexuality, as is already the case via western movies, sit-coms, etc.

why should we fight against discrimination against homosexuality by presenting homosexuality as normal?

Of course, with that, we come into another problem.  Defining what is ‘normal’.  Westerners will have you believe that if someone likes something, it is normal, so long as it doesn’t affect the interests of others, or harm others.  Don’t forget, the west has no moral compass.  They are largely and pretty much a Godless hedonistic race whose children are led by advertisements, the corporation, and are pretty much ignorant about perspectives from all other cultures across the world because the colonial era, to the present, has been nothing but an effort to enrich themselves and nothing about learning anything from others that does not lead to profit in their pockets. 

Hence, when they pass an opinion on anything, they are passing it not on the basis of all that is to be known, but all that they know after ignoring any perspective of non-western origin.  For them, ‘evil’ is just something they don’t like, not something that is a concept that can be used to check on their own tendencies.  Likewise, the idea of ‘good’, for such a people, becomes nothing but that which has a large amount of ‘like’ on Facebook.  The idea of Good is not something that is understood ONLY after they have engaged in critical introspection and considered the perspectives of non-western origins.  You could say that next to China, the west, with America leading the way, view themselves as the centre of civilisation.  Now I have no problem with that if they serve as a clearing house for the ideas of the whole world.  Unfortunately, they only serve as a pulpit upon which they proselytise to the whole world that which they know after ignoring all that is to be known from the rest of the world other than the negative stuff.

We shouldn’t be promoting every fetish out there simply because there is someone out there to discriminate against someone engaging in the fetish. 

Hence, for such a people, the western individual’s tendencies and ‘likes’ are the source of all that should be done or paid attention to.  Whether it is the childish way they speak English - as evident in their sit-coms and movies of recent years; their computer games which are either generally grossly childish and mind-numbingly repetitive or full of gore and violence; their movies which are basically almost all children’s movies but which may be classified as ‘adult’ not because of intelligent content, but because of violence/sex/nudity/gore/vulgarity; or their paying actors, tv presenters, and sportspersons billions whilst stating that they do not have enough funds to get a cure for cancer, HIV, and Alzheimer's; or promoting fast foods laden with fat and sugar that will leave their pharmaceutical companies laughing their way to the bank; or calling for a 'war on terror' against others after these others had retaliated for far worse done by the americans against them; or promoting the asinine activities and interests of their teenagers via youtube vids now being increasingly aired on television; or coming with one reality show or fake reality show or movies or sit-coms that are grossly sexist against men, downright mean and sarcastic and malicious; or having women play the role of downright bitches in the movies and sit-coms that just blurs the lines between men and women to the point that one can arguably view a heterosexual marriage as a homosexual one.  

That is the western definition of ‘adult’?  

How much credence should any objective aspiring adult be giving the pronouncements of normalcy by such an ‘adult’? 

So when they go on their streets and protest for the right of women to be sluts, or for ‘gays’ to take pride, and then move on to tell the whole world that what the white man and women decide amongst themselves to be normal is so, simply because they like it.  And if you disagree, you are a ‘homophobe’.  No mate, if I don’t think it normal is because it simply isn’t.  You want to engage in it, go right ahead.  I may even join you out of curiosity or for a 'change of scenery'.  But I’m not going to start taking ‘pride‘ in it and demanding that such activities are aired on television and cast as alright.  We shouldn’t be promoting every fetish out there simply because there is someone out there to discriminate against someone engaging in the fetish. 

Humanity wouldn’t be here if our first ancestors simply stuck to shagging their own gender.  Progress isn’t coming to a point where we are finally technologically advanced enough to have abortion, surrogacy and homosexuality and not risk our human race being wiped out.  We may keep humanity alive, but what spiritual qualities are we losing.  Oh, sorry, I forgot, the white man’s idea of ‘spirit’ is that which is contained within a bottle right? 

I'm not saying that we should spurn everything western.  Certainly not.  If they choose to come to conclusions and attribute value to anything on the basis of the little that they know, we should not make the same mistake by ignoring all that is western and coming to conclusions and attributing value to anything on the basis of the little that we know.  I personally attempt to engage in a 'cancelling out' process where take the positives of one culture and use it to detect the evils in another culture and vice versa.  To that, i need to appreciate all the cultural perspectives out there, including western as well - and i have certainly learnt significant things from them as well.  It is only through this process that we can begin to know what is right, instead of confusing 'white as right' as western whites do.

Technological advance has to be paired with perspectival cosmopolitanism.  In other words, until you have descended from your high horse and considered the views of people of pigment, what you have to say should be taken with more than a smidgin of scepticism as the pronouncements of someone who claims to know it all after ignoring everything that is to be known of non-western origins.


Beware the Oxford Dictionary

Does the commonwealth games whitewash British colonial atrocities and maintain white supremacy?

The Queen will formally open the 20th Commonwealth Games in Glasgow later, in front of a 40,000 crowd at Celtic Park.
Organisers said a global TV audience of up to a billion people was expected to watch the event from 21:00 BST.
More than 4,500 athletes from 71 Commonwealth nations and territories will parade during the curtain-raiser. - bbc

I don’t know how the formerly oppressed and exploited nations under the colonial auspices of the UK can take part in such a self-abnegating event.  

They were, after all, colonised, exploited terribly, and millions of them died in ‘service’ of the British Queen and country.  Picture China having a ‘commonwealth’ games in a few decades time and the Tibetans sending a team to take part in it whilst the event is overseen by the CCP.  Does that not justify all that had happened to them?  Is that not a subconscious or conscious kow-tow to the CCP?  Or perhaps the Jews occupying Palestine could in the future, after they had successfully shuffled off and talked the Palestinians into accepting their places, hold similar games and have the Palestinians take part to celebrate peace and harmony? 

Same goes in the case of the Commonwealth.  It is an insult to the ancestors of all the non-European member states of the 'commonwealth' who were forced to grow cash crops for the British and die by the millions as a result; it is an insult to all the aboriginals of states like New Zealand, Australia, and Tasmania who were slaughtered because they were deemed to be inferior by the British, the Africans whom were enslaved by the millions, the Chinese, the Indians......   

And what is so ‘common’ about the ‘wealth’?  Britain ripped off trillions from all those states it economically and racistly colonised, took it and built their amenities and corporations that dominate the globe, and then formed a union with ‘whites only’ via the European Union and basically told those they exploited to bugger off.

And what is so ‘common’ about the ‘wealth’?  Britain ripped off trillions from all those states it economically and racistly colonised, took it and built their amenities and corporations that dominate the globe, and then formed a union with ‘whites only’ via the European Union and basically told those they exploited to bugger off.  So what’s so ‘common’ about the ‘wealth’?  

For the British Queen to preside over this disgraceful event is to basically state that no remorse on the part of the British Monarchy or Country is necessary for their genocidal and grossly exploitative activities throughout the world that basically makes Hitler just a little evil in comparison.  This is no different from, if Hitler had won the war and held a Nazi commonwealth games a couple of decades later with all nations that had been under its thumb in attendance.  

It is nothing but a tribute to the Nazi colonial overlords and their racist exploitation of your people in the past.  By not doing so, you have successfully turned the graves of your ancestors into a playground for the entertainment of those who killed them.

All non-white nations taking part in these games, remember, this is not an event that brings humanity together in ‘fun and games’ but has, as its foundation, a view that the west were right in all that they did to you, and that their civilisation of gross mutual exploitation is alright, and that it is alright for their Queen to preside over the descendants of those ‘coolies’ who had enabled her to buy her shoes and diamonds with their forced labour.  It is basically a practice in global non-white self-disrespect, and respect for continuing western white supremacy.  They basically exploited and killed your ancestors, and now throw some games at you for you to play under the gaze of their overpriviliged Queen.

It is nothing but a tribute to the Nazi colonial overlords and their racist exploitation of your people in the past.  By not doing so, you have successfully turned the graves of your ancestors into a playground for the entertainment of those who killed them.

Nothing less that a single-fingered salute should be accorded the British Nazi Queen and country, and these shameful games for their gross self-satisfied arrogance.  If not, we'll just be pandering to further Eurocentrism which will not only lead to their ascendancy at great cost to others, but will not encourage us ability to 2nd guess their narrow vision of what humanity ought to be with our own cultural gems that might alleviate many an evil they take as natural.

postscript, i posted something similar to the first paragraph on the BBC website in the comments section beneath the aforelinked article.  I subsequently received the following email from the BBC,

Dear BBC Visitor,
Thank you for contributing to the BBC web site. 
Unfortunately we've had to remove the content below because it 
contravened one of our House Rules.
Your comment was considered to have broken 
the following House Rule:
"We reserve the right to fail comments which...
Are considered likely to disrupt, provoke, attack or 
offend others
Are racist, sexist, homophobic, sexually explicit, abusive 
or otherwise objectionable
Contain swear words or other language likely to offend""
Looks like the BBC are keen to maintain the illusion of unity through the 'Commonwealth' Games and dispel any notion that it may be an effort to whitewash British gross exploitation of the member states and how it maintains western political and cultural hegemony of the non-western world. 

Truth always offends those whom want to perpetuate an untruth.


D-Day, In discussion: When Nazis clashed with each other

French President Francois Hollande has led the D-Day 70th anniversary tributes by remembering those who died on a day that "changed the world".

He attended a service near Bayeux with US President Barack Obama, who said the US commitment to liberty was "written in blood" on French beaches. The Queen laid a wreath at a ceremony nearby.
They will gather at Sword Beach, one of five landing points for Allied troops.

The landings were the first stage of the invasion of Nazi-occupied Europe. - bbc

Discussion on BBC Facebook

Ed: Ww2 was just infighting amongst western racists and fascists with megalomaniacal ambitions.

George C. Brunner: Edwin: you should be thanking those who died so you can spout your nonsense.

Ed: No thank you mate. The indians already had freedom of speech long before Christ was born. Don't you know about your own neo-Nazi history?  I could already spout 'my nonsense' long before the pillaging white men reached the shores of India.

Martyn Van der Voort
: So you were even spouting before Alexander The Great over 300 years BC. Are you a timelord? Or just a student with no clue?

Ed: I'm talking about the Indian people Martyn. Too thick too understand i see, especially if you feel the need to refer to Dr Who.

Adrian Theobald: You hate the white man yet you happily live in our country don't you? Hypocrite.

Ed: Your country? You're joking right. Your country was built on the blood, sweat, and tears of millions of Indians, Chinese, Africans, etc.

You can go about all pretentious and holier-than-thou simply because you outsourced suffering and much labour to others in chains.

Have some remorse and shame will you. Or at least, start with a proper education. There is more to be known than can be found at the bottom of a pint or pudding you know.

Anyway, i don't hate the white man. I'm just pointing out self-serving deficiencies in their worldvision that has untoward consequences to the present.

Elizabeth Chapman: Please this is a day to remember all the men who died whatever nationality and many men came from Commonwealth and beyond. This is a day to remember and not to argue who built and who did this. This a page to remember. Thank you.

Ed: I'm remembering alright Elizabeth.

I'm remembering how Indians were being treated as 2nd class citizens in India whilst those you are remembering were maintaining such conditions.

I'm remembering the natives of america who were being treated as such in the US.

I'm remembering that the blacks there were being treated as such as well and were segregated and called 'niggers'.

I'm remembering how children were kidnapped from their aboriginal parents in Australia so that they could 'be reared white' by those you are remembering.

I'm remembering how the americans bombed Tokyo Bay 100 years before Pearl Harbour to force them to open up to western exploitation....and which in turn forced Japan to fashion themselves along western lines in order to defend against them....and which in turn led to become a megalomanical force themselves.

So all this, 'heroism' of the west against racism and fascism is a whole load of Marvel-style west-as-the-superhero crap. Both world wars were started by the west, and the rest of the world were dragged into it as fodder for their canons.  In their fight against the Nazis, they were fighting against an evil that was a more blatant manifestation of themselves.  In other words, they were clearing up part of an evil which they themselves had given birth to.  In effect, they were all Nazis flying different banners and having different approaches in appreciation of a common ethos.

So Elizabeth, i'm remembering it alright. I'm remembering it as it ought to be remembered, whilst you're choosing to remember it on the basis of what you're self-servingly choosing to forget.

Thank you.


Prince Charles says Russians are Nazi-like? And the British are different?

A former Polish war refugee who met Prince Charles in Canada has said he likened some Nazi actions in Europe to those of Russia's Vladimir Putin.
Marienne Ferguson was speaking after meeting Prince Charles at a Nova Scotia immigration museum where she works.
As they discussed Hitler's takeover of countries, the prince "said something to the effect of 'it's not unlike... what Putin is doing,'" she recalled.
- bbc

In a nutshell, Its kind of funny to see the British talking about Nazis considering the fact that they were pronounced Nazis themselves for more than a hundred years in their view and dealings with the lands they colonised.  They actually viewed peoples of other lands as inferior for a number of reasons from their not practicing capitalism, exploiting the land, being nude or semi-nude, being communal, or not having vast cities.  And that served as one of significant bases upon which they determined how the various colonised ought to be treated.  

So in some climes, they were just killed; in others, the children were kidnapped and brought up ‘to be white’; in others they were enslaved, and in others, they were made 2nd Class citizens of their own states.  Millions and millions, as a result, died for the British Nazi ‘Queen/King and country’. 

The worst part of this tale is that the British still think similarly.  The strongest evidence for which is their thinking nothing of the hundreds of thousands of deaths they, the west, had inflicted on, for instance, the people in the Middle East through embargoes, support of tyrannical regimes, supplying arms to murderous leaders, etc, but were quick to get angry when the americans suffered a few thousand deaths as retaliation on 11/9.  I personally was flabbergasted when i saw a BBC reporter state on the televised news that, "It wasn't half a million Iraqi children whom died due to US embargoes, but JUST 350,000."  'Just'?  Well, that's white supremacism for you. 

All in all, the only difference between the British and the Nazis was that the British were economically pragmatic in their racism.  The British were more ‘humane’.  They let millions work themselves to death whilst enriching their Queen/King and country unlike the Nazis whom simply killed you.  How nice and civilised, the British.

That clearly indicates that they view ‘white lives‘ as more valuable than non-white.  During colonial times, people who retaliated were called ‘savages’ because they dared to resist people whom saw themselves as 'civilised'.  Now they are called ‘terrorists’ for shooting back when they only have a right to be shot at the behest of the white man.  With these words - 'savages', 'terrorist' - no analysis was required as they present them simply as ‘bad‘ or ‘evil‘ people with no need to search for causes.  Hence, the western ‘we are the Chosen People‘ mentality, with a greater right to life still continues, as i discovered post 11/9.  Up to then, i thought the west had learnt their lesson and become egalitarian.  But 11/9 served as incontrovertible proof that the colonial white supremacist view was alive and kicking in the west.

All in all, the only difference between the British and the Nazis was that the British were economically pragmatic in their racism. They view you as inferior, so they exploit you even if it costs millions of the lives of the colonised. When the German Nazis saw you as inferior, they simply killed you.  So the only difference here was that the Nazis didn’t make much money out of the people they killed.  The British were more ‘humane’.  They let millions work themselves to death whilst enriching their Queen/King and country unlike the Nazis whom simply killed you.  How nice and civilised.

If you think about it, all those iconic British industries, their NHS, their roads, their underground, amongst a host of others were funded by the colonised.  And if that isn't bad enough, they now close off their borders to non-whites with the formation of the EU.  And none of them realise the racist significance of this.  One Brit told me, when i spoke about it, that it wasn't intentional.  My response was, "Yes, it isn't intentional, but it is nevertheless a consquence of the preponderance of the racist and nazi colonial mentality amongst you people in the present that stops you from realising it in the first place."

I've spoken to quite a few Brits about this, and their reaction ranged from, 'well, all those millions of deaths amongst the colonised resulting from British action wasn't intentional', to, 'Well, it was a long time ago."  To which i had responded, "you can't say that it isn't intentional if you are well aware of the consequences.  Causing the deaths of millions whilst profitting from their lives shows an equally clear disregard for life as the German Nazis who killed people despite not gaining profit."  And to those who had said that 'it was a long time ago, i responded with, "well then, why not wait for a year after 11/9 before you retaliate?  Then you can say that 11/9 was a long while back so you needn't bother?"  Well, the British are quite reasonable enough to usually shut up after that.

You could say that without the British and other western colonial powers, Hitler wouldn't have thought the way he did.   In fact, the Nazis did the British a favour.  By being more obvious about their disregard for life than the British, they enabled the British, and the rest of the western underworld, to claim that they themselves were saints because they fought against them.  So as for Charlie, which peasants refer to as ‘Prince’, comparing the Russians to the Nazis, i think it would be quite appropriate to retort it in an american way, 'go blow it out of your ass'.


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